Nuno thankful for Molineux support

The support of the Wolves fans has had a big impact on the results on the pitch since the start of the 2017/18 Championship season, Nuno Espirito Santo has stated.

The head coach has paid tribute to the Molineux crowd ahead of Saturday afternoon’s Premier League clash against Watford, saying he is thankful for the relationship which he has built with the supporters since he arrived at the club. He has also praised the loud and passionate backing the team received to help them through a penalty shootout against Reading on Wednesday.

On the support of the Wolves fans

“It means a lot, but this is what we are here for  to please and to work for the joy and happiness of our fans.

“It’s not only now, it’s something that has been building since we started in the Championship two years ago, but we appreciate it and are very thankful.

“Even when we go away in pre-season to Austria, I still remember having 200, 300, 400 people there to support us, and there was nothing that connected us at that moment – there was only one thing in common and that was Wolves.

“This is the centre of everything, so everybody works around that idea of being a wolf and help.”

On his relationship with the Wolves supporters

“It is tough for me to compare to other clubs, but I’m very thankful for the help that the fans have been giving to us all of this time; in the good moments, in the bad moments, they’ve always been with us. Without that, this is difficult.

“Every moment is important; in the good moments we celebrate, the big things that we achieve, but we have always achieved things together, and they are a part of it.

“You can say for the last game, in the penalties, the noise that they made every time – that’s a sign of someone who’s willing to help you.

“They know there will be good games, bad games, good performance, bad performance, ups and downs, it’s football and it’s life. But never lose your idea of who you want to be with – it’s us and it’s with us.”

On Joao Moutinho’s future

“He still has a contract and things are going normal. Everybody is important, with no exception; young, old, experienced, not experienced – everybody’s important, everybody.

“He’s 32. You don’t expect Morgan to have the same CV, but Morgan has an interesting CV also; he’s world champion of under-17, so it’s mixing everything together and putting inside a common idea.”

On the plan for Morgan Gibbs-White

“The plan for Morgan is the same plan for every player – make him better. He’s doing well. Morgan has been with us since the Championship, he’s 100 per cent had good moments, not so good moments, but always with us, trying to help him become better.

“The talent is there, so let’s work on that.”

On Meritan Shabani’s ACL injury

“I haven’t been able to speak to Shabani because he’s at home having treatment. It was a tough, tough blow for him, a tough blow for us at the club.

“When you bring a player from the under-23s and you put him in the team because he’s showing things, you want to give him this chance, so he can have a chance to show he’s an option for you.

“It’s a big blow for him, for the under-23s and for us also. It’s very sad when you have players who get injured in the pitch.

“Things happen, and you have to get through it. He was playing good, not only this game, but in the previous games in the under-23s. He came late into the club, like Pedro, like Bruno and like Jesus, all these players came late, so it’s about preparing them for what is our reality.

On importance of the young players

“We play Thursday, Sunday every week. We’ve played however many games already, so all the players are important.

“Shabani has to be strong and trust in the people that are taking care of him. It doesn’t mean you have to stop, you can take this moment and prepare other things, the upper body, make yourself bigger and stronger, so you have to be patient but trust in our fantastic medical department.”

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