Saiss calls for togetherness

‘When we play well it’s together, when we lose it’s together,’ is the message Romain Saiss has expressed ahead of Wolves’ return to Premier League action against Crystal Palace this Sunday.

The versatile Moroccan is calling for togetherness from both players and supporters as Wolves search for their first league victory of the campaign at Selhurst Park, but despite still waiting for three points, Saiss insists he is confident that the players and staff will find the right solutions to make their way up the Premier League table.

On Wolves’ ‘one pack’ mentality

“We know each season is different and every time you have some part of the season where it’s more difficult, so that’s why we have to stay together and find a solution together and don’t think after every loss that the problem is a particular player.

“When we play well it’s together, when we lose it’s together. It’s not because of one player who made a mistake – everybody can make mistakes – but the problem is the team.

“We have to stay together as a team, as a pack, and find the solution with the staff, and we’ll do it – I’m not worried.”

On last season’s victory at Selhurst Park

“We won 1-0, but it was a tough game. Crystal Palace is a really good team and I think they play well. They have good players like Zaha, they kept him in the team so it will be a tough game again.

“We know they are strong at home so we have to be ready for this game and to be more consistent, play the 90 minutes with a good organisation, stay compact and don’t give a lot of space to the opponent because after they can break us.

“We have to be ready and I’m not worried. I know we can do much better and we will do.”

On the threat of Wilfred Zaha

“The problem with this kind of player is if you give it to him in a lot of space it’s easier – they like the space. They like to turn and try to trouble you and after it’s easier for them when they are coming faster.

“We have to reduce the space and try to force him to play back, but we are not focused only on Zaha, they have a lot of good players in this team.

“The most important thing is not to be focused on them, focus on ourselves because. We know that if we are really organised and we have more confidence on the pitch, you can try something more, instead of if you are not very organised and you are not free on the pitch.

“We’re going to work on this, to be stronger and be focused on us and not on them.”

On busy fixture schedule

“We have a lot of games now, but we play football for these kinds of games, playing a lot of games, because it’s better to play than train.

“But we are ready for that, we work a lot with the coach, with the physical trainer to be ready. We were solid last season because we were compact and we were together on the pitch and sometimes in the last game, the last few games, we are not organised very well and when you are not organised you give a lot of space and opportunity to play to the opponent and it’s easier for them.

“We know we have to back our shape, to be solid and to concede less goals and do what we have to do, like we did last season.”