Nuno calls on players to learn from mistakes

Nuno Espirito Santo was disappointed with his side’s defending at Goodison Park but remained proud of their efforts in defeat.

Wolves twice came from behind to peg back their hosts at Goodison Park, but found Everton’s third goal a bridge too far, falling to a 3-2 defeat. However, Nuno saw his team committed to the battle and knows they’ll learn from uncharacteristic mistakes to improve in the future.

On the battle

“It was a very good game. The fight was there. Both teams fought for each ball, it was very competitive. We were against a very tough team at Goodison Park. We were able to score two times, but were not so good defensively, like we should.”

On his team’s defending

“We must defend better, usually we do, so this is what we want to improve. We made mistakes that usually we don’t, but it’s part of the process, keep on going and work. I wish I had the answer, lack of communication, it happens, I’ve been there.

“This is football, sometimes you do things very well and don’t achieve, sometimes not so good and you achieve, what we want is to learn from the competition and grow inside the competition. The most difficult is sustaining the performance game after game, but we want to achieve it.”

On the schedule

“It was a tough cycle, everybody knows what we’ve been through. We played Thursday night, a big high on emotions, we recover, but coming to Goodison Park is very difficult, even if you have 15 days of rest. Premier League is so difficult, you must have high standards.

“We want to play and challenge ourselves by playing two times a week against fantastic teams. The Premier League is very tough, and we have a new challenge ahead of us, but I’m proud. The cycle was tough but the answer very good.”

On Premier League so far

“It’s been a tough schedule, against tough teams. We started the Premier League at Leicester, then Man United, Burnley and now Everton, and we know the next one is going to be tough.

“The assessment is good because the players gave everything they had. I truly believe these players having more time together, competing, will improve our performances. We want to build a strong team.”

On Boly’s suspension

“Of course, it frustrates me when you don’t have a player, but we will find solutions and find options.”