Players must embrace atmosphere, says Nuno

Nuno Espirito Santo says much of Wolves’ success at Molineux in 2019 is owed to the supporters.

Wolves are unbeaten in 15 Molineux matches in all competitions and know a 16th without defeat against Torino on Thursday night would put them in the group stages of the Europa League. Knowing all to well the impact the atmosphere has on his players, Nuno moved to praise their backing and asked for another big atmosphere to suit the occasion on Thursday.

On Molineux form

“All these performances we’ve been able to have, such spectacular moments, have a lot to do with the belief of the fans. If you go to Molineux, you can feel the atmosphere that they give us, it’s fantastic. We have to embrace it, enjoy it and be thankful for it.”

On the first leg

“In the last minutes we lost control of the game, the final push of Torino put us back and we were not able to do it the best way, it’s something we have to improve on.

“It’s not always about you, it’s about what your opponents do. They put more men, more bodies in the box, and play more direct. We have to adapt, you cannot avoid, you have to give answers to it.

“But when you play two games with the same team, of course the second leg we have more information because you’ve faced it and felt it.”

On the unbeaten start

“I think it has to do with all the preparation that we decided to take. We knew we were having to start earlier, we knew that we’d have to travel a lot, but we tried to anticipate all these scenarios.

“When the qualification started against Crusaders, against Pyunik, all these games were what we wanted, to keep on growing, keep on improving and Torino again, then we’ll have the Premier League.

“It’s always the same philosophy. It’s game by game, always trying to have a good analysis before the game and try to do the things we think will be good for the next one.”

On a small squad

“This is what we believe, knowing it’s a small squad and that everybody has to help, and everybody has to prepare for the chance, then when their moment comes, they have to perform.

“We are pleased, everybody has been involved in all the games and the performances have been very good, but that doesn’t mean that it’s over. The season is only starting, we still have a long way to go and a lot of things to improve on.”