Nuno discusses right-wing back options

Back on Wolverhampton soil and preparing for the return of the Premier League, Nuno Espirito Santo is pleased with the state of his team, particularly at right-wing back.

Recovering is well underway following victory in Italy, as Wolves quickly prepare for Burnley on Sunday. Matt Doherty was left out of the squad against Torino as a precaution, with Adama Traore, expertly deputising, leaving Nuno delighted with his options in the position during what has been a hectic start to the new campaign.

On recovering from Turin

“We need to recover very well, it has been a very tight schedule. The most important job now is to recover well and rest and be ready to compete on Sunday again against a very tough team. Burnley is very tough.

“We do it immediately after the game is over, in the dressing room we start then, all these things we do to help the players. Today go again, this cold chamber. All these things that are required to put your body ready to go again.

“We put out the team that we considered, the eleven to start that particular game, so now we have to recover and prepare. We have a training session tomorrow and prepare another team but it is never about resting, it is about choosing and taking the right decisions and the players being all available is the best thing that we have.”

On Doherty’s fitness

“He is OK. He is doing well and better. He had a problem, but Matt was different. He had this knock in the first training session against Huddersfield. It tarred his preparation and we know and we appreciate the effort he made so soon in Pyunik and again at home with Man United and all these things.

“Now there are other options and Matt needs to be ready again, but having everybody available is good for us and it is only possible because the players are doing an amazing job in terms of hard  work, dedication, believing and taking care of themselves, so Matt is no exception on what is happening in the squad.”

On Troare’s impact

“He is doing well. But Adama is a long process, we have to realise that he has to go step by step. There are things that need to improve, but that takes time and the best thing is he is willing to do it and facing the challenge of a new position, new task and giving special characteristics for the team and he is doing amazing.

“We really appreciate it and the team is pleased to have such good options and it makes the ideas, the squad able to change and make different approaches to the game because of the opponent because of the schedule, because of all these things

“Adama is no exception to what is happening in the squad we have Cutrone, we have Pedro we have Morgan, all these players that sometimes you don’t see too much of, they are working very hard knowing that the moment will come and the answer must be there, the performance must be there."