Nuno pleased with transfer window

Nuno Espirito Santo believes the new Wolves additions will improve the long-standing base of his squad.

Four new first-team players have joined the club over the summer in Jesus Vallejo, Patrick Cutrone, Bruno Jordao and Pedro Neto and have been quickly welcomed into Nuno’s group in recent weeks. Cutrone made his debut for the club off the bench in Pyunik and won a penalty, while the rest are settling into a group which is amidst a quick recovery between trips to Armenia and Leicester on Sunday.

On the transfer window

“One of the most important things was that the base of the squad, the core of the squad was maintained and stays together. We started in the Championship, then last season and this season,  and I truly believe that as time goes by, the better we can become and we can improve. I’m happy on that aspect.

“The new players are adapting. One of the things is that the squad have received them well and welcomed them - that is the first aspect. Then comes my job on the pitch to integrate them and expect the best of them.”

On the individuals

“Patrick (Cutrone) has talent, he’s a young boy but he has talent and he will improve and that’s the most important thing. This mentality on a daily basis of always wanting to learn things, become a better player, a better human being.

“We are very happy with all the new players. Jesus (Vallejo), the young boys Pedro (Neto) and Bruno (Jordao) also came so we are trying to build a strong squad.”

On the quick recovery

“We did the first part of the recovery on the players in the dressing room and then on the plane - there are a lot of small details that can help them, doing the recovery properly so that we will be able to prepare for the game and play on Sunday.

“I’m not complaining, I never do as I believe that at the moment we are in this competition and we have to forget what was before and not think what could happen - prepare yourself on a daily basis and we’ll be able to do that.

“They are healthy - tired, but let’s prepare well. We rest today, have a good meal, have a good sleep and tomorrow we prepare for the game. We have a training session and we compete - the spirit is always the same to compete. The best thing that you can do is compete, let’s see.”