Nuno denies Wolves' favourites tag

Nuno Espirito Santo insists there are no favourites in football as his side travel to the Armenian capital of Yerevan for their Europa League third qualifying round first leg match with Pyunik.

Despite the Premier League side being fancied by the bookmakers, Wolves’ head coach has rubbished suggestions that his side will be favourites for the tie and believes that his players need to be well prepared as possible if they wish to get a positive result.

On being tagged as favourites against Pyunik

“It’s going to be tough. They did well in the previous round, and we’ve been analysing them. At home they are always a tough team, so we expect a tough game tomorrow.

“They have good players and it shows in football there are no favourites. There’s no favourites in football. The history of football shows that this doesn’t exist. Football is one of the only sports where it cannot be dictated by statistics.

“If you look at volleyball, basketball; it’s always very big on statistics and normally the team that has better statistics win – in football it doesn’t happen.

“It’s about preparing well and playing, don’t think about who you’re going to face. No matter what opponent, prepare yourself always the best way that you can and then play.

“I don’t think about statistics in football, I think that we have to prepare the game and play.”

On European experience

“We are very proud because achieving what we achieved in the Premier League last season was very important, it was huge for the club and fans, and for us it’s a challenge as a group of professionals that we want to embrace, we want to compete.

“There’s always someone there to support us and it’s fantastic. We’re going to have someone there. In Shanghai we had fans, tomorrow for sure there will be someone with a Wolves shirt there. They’re incredible, we cannot thank them enough.”

On recovery process following the game

“It’s about taking care of all the details that are going to be important. Small details can change things, so we’re trying to be really careful about that.

“What you have to do after the game is have a good meal, rest and avoid alcohol. That’s the worst mistake you can make.

“Immediately after the game, in the bus, a packed lunch on the plane, hydration, all these things – relaxation – we have a large staff who deal with that.

“But what’s most important is the players; the discipline that they have and the way they prepare themselves is fantastic. The players are willing to do it because their body is their tool, so they have to respect it because on Sunday they have to go again – and they know that.

“The on Friday, we’re going to work, we’re going to train – active recovering.”

On team selection

“I never know (what team will be available), so that’s why I go game-by-game. After the game against Pyunik, I’m going to think about Leicester.

“But first, today. Today is the most important – let’s prepare well for the game of tomorrow.

“We’re going to travel today, but some of the boys will stay here and work, and there’s always the phone that will keep you connected worldwide.

“It’s game-by-game, we cannot think about Sunday’s game, we have to think about the game of tomorrow. Let’s prepare well, make the right decisions, and play and perform well. Then we will think about Sunday.”