Jordao: I want to make Wolves fans happy

Bruno Jordao cannot wait to make the Wolves supporters happy after the midfielder signed a five-year deal at Molineux.

The 20-year-old moved to Wolves with former Lazio and Braga teammate Pedro Neto on Friday, and said he is very happy and proud to have signed for the club and live out his dream of being a Premier League player.

On signing for Wolves

“I’m very happy and very proud to be here. I know it’s a big team, with big dreams. When I know it was an opportunity to come here, I said yes with no doubts, so I’m very happy and proud to be here.

“I just can’t wait to give them so much happiness with victories, good games, goals; everything. I just want to play for this club and make them happy.”

On playing alongside Portuguese teammates

“We are now at a team who are playing six Portuguse. I think it’s a big help for us to come with so many Portuguese here because they can help us to integrate the group.

“Compared to my last move to Italy last year, they had a lot of Brazilians, but it’s not the same thing, so here with more Portugese I think it’s going to be easier.

“I played with Diogo (Jota) in the national team for the under-21s, but I didn’t speak to him before I came here, I just saw him on Friday morning at the training ground.”

On double signing with Neto

“It’s always easier when you come to a new club with a friend. We can help each other, we can help in training, and we’ve always lived together, so I think it will make it easy.”

On playing in the Premier League

“For me, the Premier League is the best league in the world at the moment, so I’m very happy to be here and I just want to play.

“Two years ago, Wolves were in Championship. I think they have done good work and it’s really a great team, so I can’t wait to fight with Wolves in the Premier League.”