Coady itching to get back in action

After a summer spent sunning it with his family, Wolves captain Conor Coady is itching to get back into action ahead of what will be a historic season for the club.

The 26-year-old was back in training last week alongside his teammates who were not on international duty this summer but will be joined by a few more of his colleagues on Monday as the team spends the week at St George's Park in Burton.

Wolves are training at the FA’s national football centre in preparation for the club’s return to major European competition for almost 40 years, as they play their first Europa League match at Molineux later this month.

On his summer break

“It’s been lovely. It’s always great to be able to spend a bit of time with the family and the children, because you don’t spend that much time with them when you’re in season, so being home every day and seeing them every day means a lot to all the boys.

“We’ve got another little boy now, Louie, and we went to Croatia for a little holiday with the family. Amy’s mum, dad and sister came with us, so it was lovely to get away and get a bit of sun, and we all enjoyed it as well.”

“It’s been nice, but once your holidays are out of the way, you’re always ready to come back in.

On coming back for pre-season training

“When you’ve got your holiday’s planned then you’re always looking forwards to the summer, but once they’re done you’re excited to come back in and see the boys.

“It might sound a bit soppy, but you miss them when you’re away because you spend all your time with them during the season. It’s always good to come back and see them, get back to work and going again.”

On spending a week training at St George’s Park

“I think it will work well because we’ve done training camps quite a lot and it’s important in pre-season, when you’ve had the summer away from each other, that you spend time together.

“We will get all the international lads back this week and it will be good to spend time together on the training pitch, but also off the pitch as well.

“You’re eating breakfast together, having dinner together, training together; but the good thing about it is that we all enjoy spending time together. It’s not a changing room where you have little cliques here and there, we all spend time together as a group, and we’re all looking forwards to that.

“It’s worked well in the past and it will be the same again this week.”

On playing in the Europa League with Wolves

“It’s an incredible achievement for the football club and for all the lads, the staff and the supporters who played their part last season.

“We just want to carry on improving, I don’t think it matters what competition we’re in, we’ve got a huge game at Molineux first that we’ll look forwards to and make sure we’ll do it right.

“I’m sure it’s something we will embrace and can’t wait for it to arrive. We’re all excited by it within the team, as I’m sure the supporters are as well, and we’ll give it everything we’ve got.

“We know we’re an unknown quantity going into the competition, but I think the excitement building around the club is brilliant to see and we can’t wait to start.”