Nuno wants Jonny to keep improving after deal

Nuno Espirito Santo is pleased Wolves have been able to agree a permanent Molineux move for Jonny after the wing-back performed admirably while on loan from Atletico Madrid.

The head coach believes Jonny’s teammates, as well as the whole club, have played their part in helping the Spanish international settle in Wolverhampton – despite the weather.

In his pre-match press conference, Nuno also spoke about why the January transfer window proves difficult for managers and giving young players a chance to progress out on loan.

On Jonny signing permanently

“We’re really pleased with Jonny. Since the beginning his performance, the way he’s adapted himself here, we are very pleased.

“We want and wish him to improve every day. He’s a really good option for us and I’ve very glad he’s joined us in a long contract. He’s happy here, he’s with his family, and he’s adapted to the Premier League.

“Not only the staff, but I think the entire club is working on that process of when you bring a player from another country to adapt here, they need help.

“The best help he can get is from his teammates and he has that here. The way they embrace him and help him, and I’m pleased that his family is very happy. I think they struggle with the cold, but it’s part of life.”

On the transfer window

“All the names and all the rumours are normal. Some of them are not true, some are speculations, but all I know is the January transfer window is very difficult to approach.

“Since the beginning we have been saying the same thing – only if there is an option that can improve us and make us a better squad we will do so.

“We started with 18 players plus goalkeepers, now we have 16 players plus goalkeepers – plus the back-ups in the under-23s – and we are glad that those who’ve been with us since the start of the competition are improving and we totally trust them and believe we can go on with them until the end.”

On young players going out on loan

“My main focus is the first-team squad, plus the back-ups of the under-23s, but the club is developing an idea of bringing players up, and they are doing well. But all these situations of players going out on loan overseas, we are aware of it, but it is not to consider for our present; it is for our future.

“When a young player goes out on loan we mainly want them to get competition time and if you can find that in other countries then it’s welcome because it develops the players and gives them new experiences, new tools to work on for their future.”

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