Nuno focussed on positive performances

Nuno Espirito Santo insists his primary focus is on performances from his side, which he believes will lead to results, as Wolves prepare to take on Arsenal on Sunday.

His side have lost their last three matches but have performed well in the previous two against Brighton and Tottenham, which the head coach is taking heart from.

Looking for a similarly positive performance at the Emirates Stadium, Nuno hasn’t let his focus waver from the need to put in a display full of organisation and attacking football.

“You cannot get results if you don’t perform well,” he said. “We work to perform better, to play the way we want to play. Then we try to achieve the result, but we don’t think about the result first.

“No matter what, you must perform well, do your tasks, play good football and try to win. The best way is to achieve a result is with a good performance.

“We have to focus on performing well, your quality and talent. First, we think of how we want to play and achieve, and the result comes after.”

Nuno has tweaked his side slightly for the two previous games and believes his whole squad are ready to be called upon at any moment, including the returning Diogo Jota.

“Jota’s better. He’s started training with the team, he’s done his adaptation work since the beginning of the week and on Friday he was 100 percent with the squad so he’s an option, fortunately for us.

“We still have one day more to work. We have to make decisions, we prepare for the game on Saturday and make decisions regarding Sunday’s match. I think all the squad is ready.

“Many times the boys have come from the bench and done good things. They add energy and different solutions. All the players are an option for us, coming from the bench or starting. I try to get the best out of each one of them.”

The task is a tough one on Sunday, as Wolves face an Arsenal side unbeaten in 15 matches across three competitions, and Nuno knows the quality Unai Emery’s side possess.

“They’ve been playing very good. They didn’t start very well but things take time, he’s settled now and has a good team.

“He’s a very good manager with good players, a lot of talent. Arsenal are achieving results so it’s going to be very tough for us on Sunday.

“Since the referee blows at the beginning, we have to be aware and also be motivated to do what we want - we cannot say no to our game and our football.

“Every team is getting better and better each game, it’s not the early stages of the season now, I think we are seeing now how hard it is to achieve results in the Premier League.”