We Have To Be Ready

Nuno Espirito Santo explained that his side have to be ready to face the threat of Aston Villa as Wolves travel to Villa Park on Saturday evening.

The hosts approach the fixture in good form and on the back of two consecutive wins over Sheffield Wednesday and Sunderland.

The Wolves boss acknowledged Aston Villa's form but believes that his team will be full prepared for the fixture.

When asked if he was expecting a different game from when the sides met earlier this season, Nuno responded: "It will be different. Teams change, we expect a tough game. Villa has good momentum, they have good players individually and as a team they are compact.

"They are a threat because they have quality, we have to be ready in every moment and in every minute.

"It's a game and we are ready for it. We really look forward to it because we know what it means to our fans.

"It's a derby. We won the first part of it earlier in the season and now we want to go for the second.

"It is so important to keep the focus where it really matters and that is on the pitch.

"It's what you do on the pitch. This is what we focus on and concern about, improving and getting the players ready - nothing more than that. Every single day of our work, we will drive for it."

The Head Coach was also asked if he believed that opponents change the way they play when they face Wolves and If he felt that it was a sign of respect for his side.

To which he replied: "By the analysis we make, we see that some teams are trying to adapt to us. If it's a question of respect, maybe, it could be.

"But it has to do always with the work of the boys, the way they play.

"This changing of formation from the other teams - we have to find solutions and we'll keep on doing that through the rest of the competition.

"This is the way that we did it before. There was a moment that we struggled but we immediately found solutions for the next game.

"This is my job, together with the boys, the coaches and the technical staff - to find solutions and be better than all the opponents."

Wolves also approach Saturday's game on the back of a strong result, running out 3-0 winners over Leeds United at Elland Road on Wednesday night.

"It was a step forward for us," explained the Wolves boss before adding: "We showed that we are ready for the rest of the competition.

"There were no doubts at all. No responses to anybody.

"It was for us to get back to the way we are. The origin, the way we play, the way we compete, the way we fight, the way we help and support each other. It was a big statement for us.

"We work for our fans, there's no doubt about it. Everybody in this club works for the joy of the fans. And will try to win on Saturday."