We Are Ready

Nuno Espirito Santo explained that his side are ready to stand up to the challenge of Fulham on Saturday evening.

Wolves travel to Craven Cottage to take on the Whites in a 5.30pm Sky Bet Championship fixture in front of the Sky Sports cameras.

Fulham have enjoyed a strong run of form of late and approach the game on the back of seven consecutive home victories but Nuno believes that his side are ready for the test.

He said: "It's another game. Another game against a good team. It's going to be a tough challenge for us.

"Fulham have good momentum, they play good football, we know that from when we played them earlier in the season. We analysed them.

"But nothing changes. We take it game-by-game and tomorrow it's Fulham. We are ready for it.

"We've already got Wednesday's game out of our mind. It was out immediately after the game finished.

"You have to know that the game is finished and so is this moment of sadness and disappointment.

"You have to organise your thoughts and the right moment to do that was yesterday, then today you are ready for the competition. The most important thing is the next game and that's Fulham.

"We have a lot of supporters at all of the stadiums that we go to and they always get behind us.

"We are very thankful for that and tomorrow we are ready to compete to 100 per cent of our strength."

Nuno and, Fulham Head Coach, Slaviša Jokanović are former teammates, having played together at Deportivo La Coruña.

The Wolves boss was asked if he felt that his team's style of football was similar to that of Jokanović's Fulham side.

He replied: "I would not say style, I would say the idea. The idea is more important.

"Style is different. You define style by playing good football, beautiful football and scoring fantastic goals.

"That's not the only football that I see. The idea is more important. When you have the ball, when you don't have the ball - this is what makes a good team, when you are ready and you can perform well in both moments.

"I think everybody, all the managers, start building their own ideas through their careers.

"Our past as players has an influence but it's not determined by that. Managers build their ideas through years of work and experience."