Players playing for each other, says Jota

Diogo Jota believes Wolves players’ desire to stick together and back up their team mates when required has been integral to their run of three successive victories.

Wolves’ organisation has been at its peak recently, particularly during the latest success at Everton on Saturday, and has made life difficult for the opposition. The performance on Saturday was one of effort and passion, but came courtesy of an impressive game plan, with each player knowing their job inside out thanks to the constant work being-the-scenes, according to Jota.

On being more organised

“That’s what the gaffer wants us to do, stick to our game plan, understanding each other’s movements - that requires time of course. By this time of the season, we have already achieved that and we stick as a team and we help the man next to you. That helps us to be better than the teams on the other side of the pitch.”

On the Everton performance

“I think it was a really, really good performance. To come here and win is not an easy thing, it requires a lot from us and I think we stuck together as a team and we were better than them.”

On controlling the game

“We did, even when we didn’t have the ball, the team was comfortable knowing the things that we had to do and taking advantage of the space at the back and I think it was a great game for us.”

On goals from everywhere

“I think we struggled to score in the beginning of the season but now the things are going well - we trust each other, we understand each other and we are going forward as a team."

On celebrating with the away fans

“We can see our fans are really, really happy with the team - that is a good thing for a player to feel, it feels like you are doing things well, you are pleasing them. So, we just have to keep on working and keep on fighting.”