We Treat Every Game The Same

Nuno Espirito Santo says that it doesn’t matter about the strength of the opponent, his team’s philosophy doesn’t change.

Wolves face Premier League opposition in Swansea City at Molineux on Saturday in the third round of the Emirates FA Cup.


Nuno says that they’re no favourites or underdogs in any games in his eyes - he says that Wolves want to win the game.


“We are not favourites or underdogs in any games under our philosophy we look the same way as the same opponent - the idea is always the same, compete for what we want,” Nuno said. 


“We want to win so let’s fight for it. You can play a Champions League team but we look the same way, we don’t underestimate ourselves and we never think that we are favourites. 


“We go for the game ready to play the game.


“It is a new competition that we start tomorrow - it’s so important, such an historical competition for everybody. 


“We are ready, we are highly motivated for it, we play at home, we don’t look at a different way of playing, we play the same routines that we doing each game no matter what the competition. 


“We go for the game ready and ready to compete and fight for it. 


“It’s going to be a tough game, it’s a Premier League squad but we know that there are no easy games - it’s a tough game but we are ready for it. 


“Honestly, we will have the same philosophy that we had in the league cup - let’s enjoy the game, let’s take a chance to develop ourselves in front of a very tough and high challenge for us. 


“Let’s take it, look it in the eyes and go for it.”


Wolves were boosted by the signing of Valencia forward Rafa Mir on Wednesday on a four and a half year deal.


Having worked with Mir before, Nuno believes that the striker will bring quality to his squad and he hopes that he will settle in quickly.


He said, “The same philosophy as when we began, we have a good opportunity to analyse the quality of the player and thinking about what he can bring to the squad. 


“First of all, we are really happy with the squad that we have but at the same time, if you see a chance to bring something different, something that will increase our quality then we will do so.


“This is the case with Rafa - I’ve worked with him before, I know him and I truly believe that he can give us good things. 


“He’s another option inside the squad - every player can give you something really good and this is what I expect and we all expect. 


“It’s about adapting him fast, integrating him into our group and working hard. 


“A lot has been said about players coming from the beginning, maybe doubting about how they will adapt to the nature of the league. 


“I’m optimistic about that regarding Rafa because I believe that the group and the squad will help him.”