Nuno Ready For Forest Test

Nuno Espirito Santo says that his team will be ready at they travel to 8th-placed Nottingham Forest in the Sky Bet Championship on Saturday (3pm).

Wolves were held to a 3-3 draw in their last outing as Bristol City came to Molineux on Tuesday evening.


Looking back at the game, the Wolves head coach was satisfied with the performance his side produced but admitted that his side cannot concede in the manner that they did in future.


He said, “having produced such good football, that we did on Tuesday - a really nice game and a lot of chances. 


“At the same time we conceded goals that at home or away we cannot. 


“This is a big demand with physically and mentally - even when we draw we go on to try and win the game in the last minutes. 


“It’s a big effort for all of the players but this is the way we want to play - until 95 minutes, we will never give up but that that takes a lot out of us but at the same time we recover well. 


“Saturday is another day, Tuesday is over, everybody saw what we did, we are pleased with the way we played, we are not happy with the result - we will do our best to make things happen. 


“Everybody is ready. Of course we have issues of players that will not be able to play against Nottingham Forest, but they are progressing well. 


“Very soon we will be in the moment where we have a full squad - this is important in a tough week like this, we know that every option that we have, the better we are. 


“Everybody is okay - we’re ready to go to Nottingham.”


Wolves sit fourth in the Championship table ahead of Saturday’s clash from seven league fixtures so far.


Although Nuno has been happy with his side’s progress so far, he says that their progress is not finished yet.


“Everything we want to try to achieve - it’s for our fans to really enjoy the Wolves team,” he said.


“This is happening which is good but it’s not finished - we hope that we can progress and make it better but if we can make our fans happy then for sure they will sing and support us. 


“This is the way that we should proceed and insisting in pushing the players to do even better each day, each training and each game. 


“I think the best way for me to help the players is that I must see what’s happening and try to help them with my communication. 


“The changes that we makes, the substitution that we can do - the best way to analyse this is to stay awake to what is happening around you and focus only on what is happening on the pitch. 


“This is the best way for me as a coach to help my players. 


“It’s always better to work in a nice environment but this environment is based on simple things like  respect, cooperation, friendship, mutual support - this is what makes a group spirit and a team spirit. 


“If we work based on those aspects then everything will happen faster and better.”

The Wolves head coach has also praised the strength of his squad as he challenged the players that are not currently in the team to be ready to take their opportunity. 


He says that we is looking at his squad and how all of his players are preparing as he admits that all of his squad will be needed at some staged throughout the season.


“You cannot only prepare 11 players, you must prepare the full squad because everybody will be important on Saturday, or Tuesday, or Saturday. Everybody must be ready - it’s how you wait for your opportunity to help the team, how is the big question, he said. 


“‘How’ is to be ready, work harder in realising that once your team mate is doing well that is good, but there will be a moment that you have to step in and show that you are always ready. 


“This is the work that we try to build that everybody is ready to help the team. 


(On Nottingham Forest) He said, “they have started well, we expect a tough game on Saturday but at the same time we expect a good game, a good game of football. 


“Nottingham Forest play good football, so we will go there and fight, we will go there to compete.


“It is the way that you approach the game - we will always approach with team spirit. 


“Play to win, respect your opponent and make your ideas stronger than them.”