A Nuno Future

New Head Coach turned down other options for Wolves

Nuno Espírito Santo checked into Molineux and vowed to help Wolves build a new future after becoming the club’s new Head Coach.

The former Valencia and Porto supremo was officially introduced at a packed media conference yesterday, having previously looked around Compton Park and Molineux on the previous afternoon.

He revealed he had also popped up to the Wolves Museum, and wants to take inspiration from the successes of the past as he looks to a bright Wolves future.

Nuno also revealed that there were other options on the table after leaving Porto, but that the nature of the challenge ahead at Wolves helped him make a swift decision to move to Molineux.

“I hope I can help build a new future here,” he said.

“I’m looking forward to getting inspiration from those golden years – and making a new future.

“I believe in the project. I believe in the ideas and I trust people.

“For us, as coaches, we had other options.

“We decided to come here because we wanted to improve as people. We want to develop the club.

“The people you meet, the people you have conversations with. If these things combine with your own expectations it is a good step.

“I turned down Champions League clubs because I believe in the new project. I really want to build something.

“When I went to Spain I said La Liga was the best, now I have to say Premier League is the best!

“But I’m in the Championship, and there are many teams, many games, tough competition.

“This is my reality now – it’s not the Champions League, it’s the Championship.

“I went to the museum on Wednesday and I hope I can bring the good days back. I hope I can help build a new future. This is what I am looking forward to.”

Nuno has a close friendship with top agent Jorge Mendes, with whom Wolves have already worked to bring in several players, including last season’s Player of the Year Helder Costa.

He believes it is a positive to be able to consider any players in the Mendes camp who may be available for Wolves, but that it is only part of a wide-reaching recruitment policy.

The priority for the new Head Coach is players who can improve the squad, wherever they are from.

“If we can find players who already compete in the Championship which we believe will be good for us, then fantastic,” he says.

“If we can find players abroad with different characteristics that will be good for us.

“Jorge has been my friend for 20 years.

“This is not a subject we should really be concerned of.

“We are talking about things which happen all over the place in football.

“The best agents have the best players. For me it is not an issue.

“I do my job, he (Mendes) does his job.

“The club has its own department, its own decisions to make.

“It doesn’t matter where the player is coming from as long as they will be here and a Wolves player from day one. This is what people should think.

“Most important is that the conviction has to come from the player, like it has with me.

“I had other options and I decided to come to Wolves because I believe in the promise and I believe in the people.

“I will ask these players to come to Wolves, I will them to join us. If the answer is yes, that is the first step.

“The first option is whether the player is good for us and can be good for Wolves.

“In terms of the person themselves, if he  (Mendes) can help us bring in players, why not?

“But the club has its own recruitment and own decisions to make – and people are going to realise that.

“It is not about power, or whether Jorge is a friend of the owner for some time.

“It is normal they speak and try to help each other.

“But the truth is players are coming to Wolves because of A. B and C.”

Nuno’s focus is now on planning and preparation for the players returning for pre-season later this month ahead of what he knows will a tough Sky Bet Championship season.

“I want to help the team succeed,” he says.

“We as a coaching staff have to see and adapt, we know that it’s hard and really tough, but we are ready.”