Season Ticket Renewal Deadline Extended

Still chance for fans to receive partial refund

Following today’s announcement of the appointment of Nuno Espirito Santo as Wolves’ new Head Coach, the club can reveal that the deadline for Season Ticket renewals – and potential partial refunds if the target figure is reached – has been extended.


When going on sale with Season Tickets earlier this year, a target of 16,500 – to include 14,400 adults – was set which, if reached, would see all adult purchasers receive a partial refund. 


The renewal and refund deadlines were initially set for today but, given recent speculation and uncertainty among supporters, it has been decided to move this back until 5pm on Wednesday, June 14th. (Please note that Ticket Cash can only be put towards the purchase of a Season Ticket up until the original deadline of midnight tonight).


As a result, the relocation window for supporters who have purchased has also been pushed back to start at 10am on Monday June 19th, by visiting the Ticket Office or calling on 0871 222 1877.   Anyone wishing to move seats from Monday, June 26th onwards would have to pay the £10 fee for a new smartcard.  Fans are also reminded to keep hold of their smartcards from last season which will be required for next season unless moving seat or age category.


As of this morning, 14,987 Season Tickets have been sold of which 12,128 are adults.


“We have been very pleased with the response to our Season Ticket campaign, with a great show of support from fans who renewed prior to the Early Bird deadline,” said Managing Director Laurie Dalrymple.


“The figure at that stage gave us a potential chance of reaching the deadline with summer sales, but in recent weeks the numbers have tailed off.


“We understand that this may partly be as a recent of the recent speculation and uncertainty among supporters whilst the end-of-season football review was taking place.


“It wasn’t going to be beneficial for the club to make any public comment during the review, and we also acknowledge that this may have caused frustration among supporters.


“Now there is some certainty with the announcement made, and everyone looking forward positively to the arrival of Nuno and his staff, we have decided to extend the deadline with which fans who purchase a Season Ticket would receive a partial refund.


“Supporters now have a little bit more time to take a decision on whether they wish to purchase a Season Ticket for next season, with the incentive of hopefully reaching the target and then very quickly receiving some money back if it is reached.


“As mentioned previously, we are working hard to improve and develop the squad and we have some exciting plans for matchdays at Molineux for next season.


“The more support we can get the more we can make the most of home advantage as the club looks to push forward on and off the pitch.”


The club is also aware of a number of supporters who have said they were waiting until after the deadline to check availability of seats not renewed by existing Season Ticket Holders.  We would like to advise that there are very few seats left that have not been renewed and reminding that supporters can still purchase now and then move during the relocation window.