Dicko's Brief Absence

Striker sidelined for two to three weeks

Nouha Dicko has undergone minor surgery and will be sidelined from full training for two to three weeks.

But the striker is still expected to be fit and available for the start of the season.

Dicko has undergone surgery to remove a staple that was inserted into the knee as part of the surgery to repair his medial ligament last August.

That was part of the substantial knee injury which ruled him out for the majority of the season.

“Nouha had some surgery yesterday to have a staple taken out of his knee,” said Wolves Head of Medical Phil Hayward.

“It is a really small procedure where they will take the staple out and then stitch the skin back up again, and is something that is quite common with the surgery that he has had.

“It was just irritating him a little bit and didn’t feel quite right so the decision was taken to go for the surgery now rather than delay it and then be faced with maybe needing it during the season.

“It is better to miss a little bit of pre-season rather than leave it and find it needs to be done in September when the season is still underway.

“In terms of timescale he probably won’t be able to train for two or three weeks and will then start to build up again after that.

“So all being well he still has a really good chance in terms of being fit and available for the beginning of the season.”