No Days Off

Wolves Head Coach, Walter Zenga, discussed his appreciation for the players' attitude as they adapt to a new philosophy.

Having joined the Club two weeks ago, Zenga, along with his coaching staff and players, has worked hard to implement new ideas and bring them into the 2016/17 season.


With no days off since his arrival, the Head Coach acknowledged his players' efforts.


He said: “I think that they give me a lot of assistance. For example, it’s unusual here to not have one day off.


“Every day, we work. Not one day off. I ask for them to please understand me, follow me, and then after this month we can discuss about a day off.


“This is one simple example. And everybody is available to come every day, follow my ideas, understand my philosophy.


“I appreciate a lot of what they’ve done until now because it’s not easy to change the mentality, the attitude, the habit.”


Zenga bases his philosophy around team spirit and work ethic, and the gaffer believes that successful teams have this in abundance. 


“This is the point that they must be inside one team," explained the Head Coach before adding: "I never saw one team win without spirit. I never saw one team fight for something without spirit.


“If a player wants to come and say ‘I have to make the training’, this is not the spirit. The spirit is ‘I want to make the training’ I have to do my best today to prepare myself tomorrow.


“This helps the team to grow up. The spirit of the team is very important.


“You can have quality players but if you don’t have the spirit, the pride, the passion, the courage and the idea you have to give 200 per cent you go nowhere.


“This team is starting to build up the spirit.


“Even in our stadium it’s written that the strength of the wolf is in the pack. It’s the best way for Wolves.”