We want to hit the ground running

With less than a week until the first team return for pre-season training, James Henry dicusses the players' off-season work.

The squad return to Compton Park for testing on Monday following the summer break.


“We had two or three weeks now where we did as little as possible but then you’ve got to come back and find the professionalism to keep yourself ticking over," said Henry.


“Before you know it you’ll be back in on that first day of pre-season and Tony Daley will have you put through the paces, making sure you’re not too overweight and that you have a base of fitness.


“That’s the key – to come back as fit as possible because we want to hit the ground running.


“With all the technology and monitoring systems now there’s no way to escape it really, you’ve got to come back in good shape and that’s for yourself more than anything really.


“You don’t want to come back in on the first day of pre-season and you’re three weeks behind everyone else and playing catch-up from day one.


“It’s important. We’ve got a good bunch of lads here and most of us will do as much as we can to stay fit."


When asked about aims for the upcoming season, the winger responded: “I think just to keep progressing.


“Last season we probably didn’t finish where we wanted to and, as a team, we want to do better. All of us.


“Personally I want to do better as well."