Wiliamson's frustration

Defender set for summer work to ensure fitness

Mike Williamson has revealed the depths of his frustration at the delay to the start of his ‘second’ Wolves career.

The experienced defender enjoyed a successful loan at Molineux in last November and December, and was then delighted to seal a permanent move from Newcastle United and sign an 18-month contract in January.

But Williamson then had issues with his hamstring tendon after returning to Wolves, and, with a mid-table finish confirmed in recent weeks, it was announced he would not play again this season to ensure he has every chance to ready to make a strong start to the next pre-season.

“I can’t over-emphasize how frustrated I have been,” says the 32-year-old.

“To all intents and purposes I just want the season finished as quickly as possible because it has been such a disappointing one for me.

“November was the highlight without a shadow of a doubt, coming here and playing and enjoying my football, and that was the main reason I wanted to come back.

“Since I have come back it has been frustrating and I just have to look forward now.

“I have got a good period of time to get myself fit through the summer.

“I have been in working extremely hard every day and am looking forward to pre-season and making sure that I am 100 per cent.

“I will be in at different times over the summer and also have a programme to stick to.

“That will take me into pre-season and ticking every box to make sure my body is right and I am ready for next season.

“After the initial disappointment and realisation that I am going to have to write the season off, I suppose you can look at it as now having a longer period of time to treat the injury properly, gradually increase the load, and build up my overall strength and mobility.

“It’s about making sure I don’t break down again.”

The problem has been a complicated hamstring tendon issue, which often take plenty of time to fully heal.

It’s an injury which is new to Williamson, who believes his lack of action over the season has also played a part.

“I think it has been a combination of things,” he explains.

“When I came to Wolves I hadn’t played much and had possibly been in a de-conditioned state and maybe just overloaded my tendon.

“I have never had tendon or soft tissue injuries in my career – it is something I hadn’t really experienced.

“I have broken bones, done my ACL, but they were all kind of straightforward.

“This was the first injury I have had where it has been a bit of a puzzle.

“I was so eager to get back on the pitch but every time I increased the load it flared up again.

“Sometimes you need to let a tendon settle down for a couple of weeks and then slowly, incrementally, build the load up.

“Obviously I wanted to come here and play straightaway but it kept flaring up.

“It has been frustrating but it is all behind me now and I have got this prolonged period of time to get my mind and my body 100 per cent.

“I can’t wait for next season to start.

“But it has been hugely frustrating for me to come back and not have the impact that I wanted.”