Foundation Diaries | Alix

For our second of the new Foundation diaries, we are delighted to welcome Alix O’Donnell, a student on the degree programme run by the Foundation in conjunction with the EFL Trust and the University of South Wales.

Over to you Alix!

Hi everyone and welcome to my first diary!  I’m 18-years-old and am studying on the Wolves Foundation’s degree programme. I also play football outside of the degree for Hednesford Town.

I’m in my first year of my degree after starting in September, so it’s quite early on but I’m finding it good, really enjoyable. It’s busy but has also been really fun so far.

I first found out about the degree mainly through social media on Instagram. I saw the adverts a couple of years ago and then kept an eye on it. I checked each year to see if it was still going and then when it came to applying for universities, I applied to Wolves straight away.

I am a Wolves fan and have been ever since I was a kid. It’s just nice being in the environment of Wolves, being able to use the facilities they use and to work with them. The course is really good and offers the right balance between lectures, coursework and going out on placement.

Placements are an important and really worthwhile part of the degree and at the moment I am at Eastfield Primary School doing some workshops and other activities involving leadership and teamwork. I do the after school club as well with Pav and Kurran from the Foundation. I enjoy the coaching and the football but also coming away from that too and doing the workshops and classroom stuff with the kids rather than just football. It’s nice and mixed.

Away from the degree I really enjoy playing football and have been with Hednesford Town since I was 11, making this my seventh or eighth season. I played football all through primary school so when I stepped up to high school I joined a team.

We have also been pretty successful, winning trophies pretty much every year. We also played internationally and won a tournament over in Barcelona, against teams from across the world including America and all those too. We had a stadium tour at the Nou Camp and played the tournament on a couple of football pitches around the area which was a great experience.

Moving forward I am looking forward to exploring some different parts of the Foundation. Not just working in primary schools but also trying some other types of placements as well.

Thanks for reading and have a great Christmas!