Molineux sleepout close to hitting £50,000 target

A fantastic ‘One Pack’ effort from all concerned has seen the fundraising total for the Molineux Sleepout approaching its £50,000 target.

Last Friday’s event saw over 100 participants experiencing a taste of sleeping outdoors in the Stan Cullis Stand at Molineux, albeit in a safe and secure environment and, unlike those who unfortunately find themselves homeless, knowing they would be returning home to warmth and shelter in the morning.

It wasn’t as cold as it might have been, but it was uncomfortable, it rained, and it was extremely windy.

It was another important night to raise awareness and funds to be shared between Wolves Foundation and the Good Shepherd charity, supporting projects to help the vulnerable from across the City.

Several special guests were also in attendance taking part in the sleepout including Wolves Foundation ambassadors Karl Henry and Johnny Phillips, Wolverhampton Mayor Councillor Greg Brackenridge, local MP Stuart Anderson, former club secretary Richard Skirrow and Wolves Women manager Dan McNamara.

Also showing support were Wolves Foundation ambassador Anna Price and other members of the Wolves Women squad, Good Shepherd ambassadors Carl Ikeme and Natalie Graham, and former keeper Matt Murray.

In a series of on-stage interviews before everyone settled to try and get some sleep, Wolves TV presenter Gemma Frith spoke to several of the guests including Matthew Waterhouse, an ex-addict and rough sleeper who is one of those people who would be supported by projects run by the charities.

Former Wolves captain Henry admitted it was another extremely worthwhile event.

“Like most people I didn’t get a huge amount of sleep but I think that is the point isn’t it?” said Wolverhampton-born Henry.

“It’s about putting ourselves in the shoes of those less fortunate who are sleeping rough and while it was a tough experience we knew we were safe.

“I can’t imagine what it would be like to be sleeping rough on the streets and waking up not knowing whether you are in a spot of bother or someone is trying to cause you harm.

“To think people have to do that night-in, night-out, is a really sobering though which is why it is so important to raise a lot of awareness and funds to support the homeless in Wolverhampton.

“It’s just a huge thank you to everyone who was involved and took part with a real sense of togetherness and I was a very proud Wulfrunian to see how many people wanting to help.”

Like Henry, MP Anderson had also taken part in both previous sleepouts, the first at Molineux in 2019 and then again on a ‘virtual’ basis due to the pandemic last year.

“I certainly got less sleep than I normally would because you can’t switch off and get fully comfortable, hearing a lot of noises and not being in the safety of my own bed,” said Anderson, who recently raised money for Wolves Foundation by completing the gruelling Dragon’s Back Race.

“I was a lot more tired than normal next morning but again, that is what we are here to do, for one night to raise awareness of what people have to go through living on the streets which just isn’t right.

“We knew we were in a safe environment, with amazing volunteers and stewards, and while everyone deserves a big ‘well done’ for taking part, we knew we were going to be able to go home afterwards and not worry about where the next meal was coming from.

“I have been volunteering with the Good Shepherd for several years now so I get to see what is happening on the front line and the impact that these sort of events can have.”

Wolves Foundation would like to thank everyone who took part in the sleepout as well as club partners who contributed, including Cadbury who donated Hot Chocolate and Dairy Milk bars, and His Church, who donated sleeping bags.

The fantastic support means that the target of £50,000 is not far from being reached and the fundraising page is still open at