Foundation Diaries | Jack's story

It’s Day Two of our next instalment of the Foundation diaries, and we are delighted to welcome back Jack Brown.

Jack is our youngest diarist and is a regular at the Foundation’s PL Kicks sessions for young people.

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I have really been enjoying the school holidays, although I did have to isolate near the start, but getting out and playing football again has been good.

The last term I had at school before we broke up was also enjoyable – we did sports day and a lot of activities including tug of war and other stuff.

We also got to go to Drayton Manor which was great.

It was nice that we have been at school more this year and to be able to see my friends but I really enjoy the holidays.

The football teams I play for at weekends are just starting their friendly games now ready for the new season and that is something I am really looking forward to.

The team I used to play for on Sundays has now moved to Saturdays and changed from being called Bilbrook to Darlaston, and I am playing for Kewford Eagles on a Sunday.

I actually had a game on the final day of last season when fans were allowed back for Wolves against Manchester United, so I couldn’t go to the game.

But we did have time for my Mum to take up to stand at Molineux when the team coach arrived to say goodbye to Nuno before going off for my game.

It was sad to see Nuno leave and there were some great memories but hopefully Bruno will do just as well.

We have our season tickets again and I am really excited about the games coming back.

I think we will do well this season and finish back in the top ten.

One other thing I have really enjoyed over the summer was watching the England games for Euro 2020.

We went out to watch all the games and I thought England did really well and were very unlucky to lose out on penalties.

Saka was my favourite England player – I thought he had a great tournament.

With Wolves Foundation I have been going back to the PL Kicks sessions and it’s been great that they have been face to face again rather than doing things online.

It is nice to see the coaches again and to play football and hopefully we will all be able to keep going and enjoying the sessions as things continue to get back to normal.

Thank you for reading my diary, and let’s hope Wolves have a really great season!