Wolves Foundation gets support of Wolverhampton's Mayor

Wolves Foundation are delighted to have been selected as one of the Mayor of Wolverhampton’s chosen charities for his term of office.

The Mayor, Councillor Greg Brackenridge, who represents Wednesfield South, is a born and bred Wolves fan and his son actually had a trial with the club’s Academy many years ago thanks to a recommendation from former Molineux captain Jody Craddock.

Having selected Wolves Foundation as one of his chosen charities, the Mayor spent some time last week visiting two current projects, a HAF (Holiday Activities and Food) session at D’Eyncourt Primary School and the Healthy Goals initiative for pre-school children and families at the North Bank Bar at Molineux.

“I was really pleased to be able to have a look at one of my chosen charities for the year and see the whole range of superb work that the Wolves Foundation does,” says the Mayor.

“I was aware of the some of the work partly through my personal experience with my young lad when it was Wolves Community Trust, but I know that the Foundation has broadened the range of activities since then.

“I was aware of everything that has been done to help in our communities through the pandemic, and the sporting side of things, but not so much the overall range of activities and, for example, the work the Foundation does for people with dementia.

“It really is a whole-life experience that the Foundation is now covering as an organisation, and that is why I was very keen to support them as one of my chosen charities.”

Supporting the Wolves Foundation during his term in office follows on perfectly from the Mayor’s overall support of Wolves, which travels back through generations of his family.

“As a family we have always have a very close association with Wolves, and on the day I visited the Foundation I had already met the former player Mel Eves, who was one of my heroes when I was knee high to a grasshopper,” he added.

“I have always followed Wolves and not only has their success been great to see, because I love sport generally, but also because it's great for the city.

“Wolves has really put Wolverhampton on the map during the recent European adventure, which we know - and we’re confident - will be back very, very soon.

“I can't tell you the time that I've had over the four years that that Nuno was here, it’s been the best four years watching sport and the team that I love, and I'm sure Mr Lage will do just as well if not better - we want to move forward and always continually improve.”

Anyone wishing to support Wolves Foundation via the mayoral office should email mayoral@wolverhampton.gov.uk

Other charities benefitting are the Regimental Association, The Staffordshire Regiment (Prince of Wales) and the Alternative Giving CIO supporting homeless charities.