Foundation's facemask distribution continues

Wolves Foundation has continued to link up with Fosun Foundation to distribute a further supply of thousands of facemasks to help protect the community during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Right from the start of the pandemic early last year, the Fosun Foundation stepped up to work with Wolves to donate thousands of masks and items of PPE for local hospitals and care homes, and this has continued more recently by helping local charities and organisations. 

In recent months, a further 7,500 masks have been distributed to local charities and community groups and, even as mandatory restrictions ease in the coming weeks, remaining supplies will be available to use when required as more organisations return to face-to-face delivery. 

Whilst the wearing of masks is to become more down to personal choice, advice from the government and many involved in Public Health is to continue wearing them in certain indoor situations.

“Throughout the pandemic we have been really appreciative for the support of the Fosun Foundation, and, working together we have been able to distribute thousands of items of PPE equipment where it has been needed across Wolverhampton,” said Rachel Smith, health and wellbeing manager at Wolves Foundation. 

“We work with a lot of local charities across various projects so it has been nice to be able to help in this way and they have all been really appreciative of the support. 

“We have been able to deliver thousands more masks in recent months and even though it is really positive news that regulations are going to continue being eased, we appreciate that some people may want to continue wearing masks in certain situations. 

“As more charities and community groups return to face-to-face delivery at least they will have these supplies for their staff and service-users when required.” 

The latest supply of masks has gone out to TLC College, Base 25, the Good Shepherd, SUIT (Service User Involvement Team) as well as to WVSC (Wolverhampton Voluntary Sector Council) who are then passing them on to various local organisations. 

“The donation of the masks will be very welcome and will be distributed by WVSC to not for profit groups and organisations in Wolverhampton’s Voluntary and Community Sector,” said Sharon Nanan-Sen, from WVSC. 

“WVSC is also currently an ambassador for the Covid Community Champions Project which raises awareness of the importance of having the vaccine.” 

Mahmood Khan, from TLC College, added: “We are making community safety packs again and aim to include two or three masks per pack so the donation from Wolves Foundation is very timely - thank you!” 

Steve Dodd, operations manager with WVSC, is pictured with some of the latest consignment of facemasks being distributed across Wolverhampton.  

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