Our survey says

Wolves Foundation are working with local partner organisations from across the City with the aim of encouraging more adults to become more active through football.

The Foundation would like to hear the views of both men and women, aged over 16 years-old, about the mental and physical health benefits of regular exercise and to receive feedback as to what people would want from any new informal football programme and activities.

To try and research this information, which the Foundation can then use to work with partners to try and promote more participation,  people are being asked to complete a short anonymous survey by clicking here. The survey should take around five minutes to complete.

“Everything that we deliver at Wolves Foundation is designed with the aim of creating opportunities and changing lives, across a wide range of projects for participants of all ages and abilities,” says Lee Smith, senior manager (operations) with the Foundation.

“We are always keen to make sure we are providing what the community needs, and that programmes are fully inclusive and accessible to as many people as possible.

“Our Wolves in the Park project proved a major success in getting more adults playing football and enjoying all the associated benefits to their health, and we are interested as to how we, and the partners that we work with, could expand this provision further to build upon its success.

Former Wolves captain Karl Henry, who was the first ambassador appointed for Wolves Foundation, has taken part in the Wolves in the Park sessions and has added his call for people to help the club’s official charity continue to work with others within the city to shape its provision.

“Having been fortunate to have played professional football for 20 years, I am both very grateful for the game giving me the career which I had, but also aware of its huge importance as our national sport,” says Karl.

“Football is such a fantastic game for people of all ages and of all levels to enjoy which can lead to so many great experiences and form so many values which can be taken into everyday life.

“Being able to do well individually but also be part of a team, keeping fit and active by enjoying healthy exercise, having aims and aspirations for every game or training session - there are so many benefits to playing football.

“And the best thing is, you can pretty much play football anywhere you can find an open space and don’t necessarily need to have the very best facilities.

“Wolves Foundation’s Play in the Park initiative has been a great success, and as an Ambassador of the charity I have been delighted to get involved and attend a few sessions and plan to do so again when regulations allow.

“I know the Foundation are keen to extend their provision for adults to become more active and play more football, and would encourage anyone over 16 to fill out this survey so they can focus on how and where best they can provide that support.

A reminder to click here to complete the survey.