12 Days of Christmas | Wolves Women help address food poverty

As we head into 2021, Wolves Foundation’s ’12 Days of Christmas’ continues with a look at Wolves Women’s contribution to the charity’s efforts to reduce food poverty in the city.

Wolves Women once again helped play a key part in the club’s Christmas community activities by linking up with Wolves Foundation to deliver food parcels to vulnerable families across the city.

Players from Wolves Women’s team have helped support the Christmas visits for a number of years, but with restrictions limiting face-to-face activity for the 2020 festive season, they offered their support with the Foundation’s work to reduce the effects of food poverty.

Many of the players from the squad joined up with the Foundation to deliver over 50 food parcels to children who had been earmarked by the club’s official charity as requiring support at Christmas during these difficult times.

There was also backing from club partners, with catering partners Levy’s preparing lunch bags, as well as further support from Wolves’ energy partners and Wolves Women sponsors, Energy Angels.

“The Wolves Women squad are always really keen to be involved in the player visits which would take place at Christmas, but unfortunately this year was obviously different due to the pandemic,” says Tom Warren, Senior Manager (Projects) with Wolves Foundation.

“We spoke to Macca (team manager Dan McNamara), about different ways they could help, and their delivery of these food parcels - and also letters and projects from Cadbury as part of our Pen Pals initiative - had a really positive impact on so many people we have supported over Christmas.”

Wolves Women captain and Wolves Foundation ambassador Anna Price said it was an initiative the players were very keen to get involved in.

“It was the most eye-opening experience,” says Anna.

“I feel so grateful that we have been able to help support those who are vulnerable at Christmas, but it really is the least we could do.

“It has been a difficult year for so many and has really highlighted the importance of looking after each other within our community.

“Hopefully our visits added a little sparkle to end what has been such a tough 2020.

“The impact that Wolves Foundation has across the community is so admirable, and I would like to help out whenever I can.”

Thanks also from the Foundation to AG Barr who donated some soft drinks for the parcels.