Foundation sleepout countdown on

Just two days to go until the Virtual Molineux Sleepout and there is still time to sign up!

Click here to pay your entry fee (£10 adults, £5 children) which will not only play a major part in helping the Wolves Foundation and Good Shepherd tackle food poverty, but also get you online to enjoy some virtual fun on Friday evening!

And if you are able to fundraise – remember anyone who raises at least £50 goes into a draw to win a Wolves home shirt signed by the first team squad – click here to access and sign up on our Just Giving site.

Here are a few thoughts on this year’s different kind if experience from some of those who were involved in last year’s first ever Molineux Sleepout which raised an incredible total of over £50,000 which was split between the two charities."

Jeanette (Administrator, Wolves Foundation)

"There was such a buzz about the sleepout last year and it was really good thing to be a part of,

"Everyone said it really made them think about people who have to sleep out rough, even though it was very different circumstances for just one night with the security of being at the stadium and hot tea on tap.  It made me personally appreciate the situation a bit more, I think before that like a lot of people I would pass by those in the street and not think about it too much. This last year I have thought about it a lot more and now, with the pandemic, you cannot imagine what people are going through if they don’t have enough food or shelter.

"This year I am taking part in the virtual sleepout with my daughter and a colleague from Wolves, and we are sleeping out at some stables.  It is going to be a very different experience away from the security of the stadium.  We will be quite exposed and possibly surrounded by rats and all sorts of other animals but I think it is important to keep the event going and keep raising awareness."

Karl Henry

"This time last year around 100 of us spent a cold and wet night sleeping out in the Stan Cullis Stand.

"It was quite a tough night but an important one in raising awareness of the issues around homelessness in our city and a fantastic sum of £50,000 was raised for Wolves Foundation and the Good Shepherd.

"Sadly we can’t do it again this year but we can still do something to help those in our community who need us most during these challenging times with the virtual sleepout.

"Hopefully we can all do our little bit to keep awareness of this issue going, and keep the tradition of a sleepout going ahead of getting back to Molineux next year.

"During the lockdown hopefully this is something that people can get involved in and raise funds and awareness of two fantastic charities."

Manny (Wolves Foundation volunteer)

"Last year I went along with my family and we took some Samosas to hand out to people – but I could only stay for a few hours before going off to work a nightshift!

"I know the plan is to make it a yearly event and to help it grow but the pandemic has stopped everyone in its tracks.  There are now record numbers of people using foodbanks and struggling and so the Foundation have decided to do something different with the virtual sleepout so people can show their support.

"The Good Shepherd is a local charity right opposite Molineux so there is a physical link with the stadium and the fans. They do amazing work not just in feeding people but also giving them facilities to wash and get clean and talk about their issues and problems.

"For me I am going to be bedding down in the garden, and may even do it authentically just with a bit of cardboard on the floor.  That will be a challenge but even then, mentally, nothing like the same as someone who is homeless who has to do that on the streets every single night.

"I think this event is great because people can also just do their own thing in their homes with their families, however they want to.  It is about raising awareness and money for the people who are struggling and need help."

Matt Murray

"Last year so many fans braved the cold to do the sleepout and it was amazing to see so many people get involved raising money for such a great cause.

"This year has been unprecedented times so it’s got to be a virtual sleepout so can you camp in your garden? In the living room? Get the kids involved? 

"It’s all about having a bit of fun but also raising money and raising awareness to support two fantastic charities in the Wolves Foundation and the Good Shepherd.

"And then hopefully, in 2021, we can be through all this and back out in those stands with the event back at Molineux."

Zoe (Human resources director, Wolves)

"It was a very humbling and thought-provoking experience taking part in last November’s sleepout.

"Hearing the stories of homelessness and rough sleeping was upsetting and it’s unsettling that people can lose what they have and their standing in society very quickly through circumstances.

"The way the participants (staff, fans, leaders and VIP’s) pulled together to make it happen successfully was extremely positive and there was a lot of kindness on display.

"It’s sad we can’t all be together this year, but I look forward to seeing what ideas people have to make their sleepout unique to them."

Carl Ikeme

"The first Molineux sleepout had a great turnout and raised so much awareness and vital funding for the Good Shepherd and the Wolves Foundation to support people suffering from food poverty or sleeping rough.

"Hopefully we will back next year to do the event again at Molineux.

"For this year I would just encouraged people to get involved, however you want to do it, whether it’s camping outside or just sleeping in a sleeping bag inside!

"It’s all about raising awareness of the great work being done by the Good Shepherd and Wolves Foundation around these issues.

"I know it would be greatly appreciated if you can offer your support."

Kevin Rogers (CEO Paycare; Trustee, Wolves Foundation)

"Sleeping on the North Bank was quite an experience last year and the spirit with everyone coming together made the event really special.

"The awareness and fundraising was incredible and I think the £50,000 that was raised took everyone by surprise.

"The Foundation have carried on doing incredible work during the pandemic and the Good Shepherd do an amazing job so they are two great causes to support.

"Hopefully we can come back bigger and better with another event at Molineux next year and see if we can raise even more."

Vinny (General manager commercial operations, Wolves)

"Last year’s Molineux sleepout was a real eye opener and even though I knew I was in a safe environment, the conditions were still tough enough that it gave me a real sense of empathy for those who experience that night after night without the guarantee of safety.

"It was good to hear the success stories from those who have been through this and come out of the other side o-k, but the sad reality is that homelessness and rough sleeping continues to be a problem for many.

"The Foundation are doing critical work in trying to help tackle the problem locally and it’s great that this cause is still very much on the agenda.

"I encourage everyone to join this year’s virtual sleepout - I will definitely be involved - and I am sure many will empathetically be better off for the experience."                                                                                                                 

Tom (Head of operations, Good Shepherd)

"For those who don’t know about the Good Shepherd I think we are best known for our food service, which has been running for 17 years.

"But we are now far more than just a food service – that is the magnet which tends to draw people to us but then we wrap a lot of our support services around those who come to us for food.

"Homelessness is often just a part of the issues people are going through and there are usually many other problems which are involved.  We have an in-house team who can provide intensive support to people in so many different areas, with a long-term aim of getting people into education, employment and meaningful activities.

"The demand for our food service has increased during the pandemic, especially during the first few months with 180 people needing meals every day at the busiest time, and so all the support we receive is hugely appreciated.

"The support from the Wolves Foundation and Wolves fans in particular is massive for us. The Foundation do some great work on their own in the City but for them to link up with us for the sleepout and use their profile to promote what we do really helps us get the message out.

"We have been fortunate to have a lot of support from Wolves players past and present for many years, and have Carl Ikeme as an ambassador, something else which is really invaluable to helping us as a charity move forward."