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Sign up for the Foundation's virtual sleepover

After the fantastic success of the first ever Molineux Sleepout, Wolves Foundation have planned a new ‘virtual sleepout’ for 2020, with Covid-19 restrictions meaning a repeat of the event this time last year unable to take place. 

The Sleepout will be back when regulations allow in 2021, but the Foundation are again linking up with the Good Shepherd to suggest fans take on a sleepout in their home environment to support the two charities in their efforts to reduce the effects of food poverty within the city 

Supporters are being encouraged to take part in the virtual sleepout on the night of 27th November 2020, for an entry fee of £10 for adults and £5 for children, with additional fundraising via our Just Giving page is very much encouraged with participants urged to become a 'Sleepout Star' by raising a suggested £50 target. 

Anyone who raises at least £50 will be entered into a draw for full signed squad 20 / 21 shirt.

The entry fee alone will ensure participants are able to get involved in virtual activities around the sleepout on the night, which will feature Zoom calls with some well-known faces, including Foundation ambassadors and former players. 

The Foundation is also hoping that content will be shared across all the charity’s social media channels, ensuring that everyone who is involved feels a part of the event which is raising awareness and money for two great causes. 

Wolves Foundation, Wolves’ official charity, requires funding support to carry out a range of projects in the local community, including focusing on health and education, and they are aiming over the coming months to address many of the issues which will result from the economic effects of the pandemic, including food poverty. 

“We were all really pleased with the first ever Molineux sleepout last November, both in terms of how the event went but also a fantastic fundraising total of over £50,000 which was split between Wolves Foundation and the Good Shepherd,” says Demi Grundy, Events and Fundraising executive with the Foundation. 

“The support we received from people in the community was incredible, and we had approximately over 100 people spending a cold November night sleeping outdoors in the Stan Cullis Stand. 

“We are really looking forward to holding the event again when it is safe to do so, but in the meantime have decided to stage a ‘virtual’ event which we hope will help us raise awareness of the fantastic work of the Good Shepherd, and some funds for both charities. 

“We know that the effects of the pandemic and lockdowns have made life challenging for a lot of people, and both ourselves and the Good Shepherd are keen to try and help reduce the numbers affected by food poverty at the present time. 

“So whether fans fancy sleeping in a tent in their garden, or setting up camp somewhere indoors away from their nice warm beds, it would be great to see as many people as possible coming together to show support for some of the most vulnerable members of our community. 

“We know children weren’t able to take part in the sleepout last year, so this event offers a great opportunity for families to get involved, and we are going to be working on several online activities which will hopefully add some fun and enjoyment to the night. 

“If people are able to share their photos and videos across our social media channels, we are hoping to create that ‘One Pack’ sense of teamwork and togetherness which I think we all need during these challenging times.” 

Last year’s event included appearances from Foundation ambassadors Karl Henry, S-X and Jay Blades, as well as musical legend Jaki Graham and her daughter and radio broadcaster Natalie, and former Wolves goalkeepers Matt Murray and Carl Ikeme. 

Wolves have built up an excellent relationship with the Good Shepherd charity over many years, including player visits, donations for equipment and not only the sleepout but a social action project involving young PL Kicks participants donating trainers to those people who needed them. 

The Good Shepherd set out as a charity providing food for rough sleepers and those in poverty, and whilst still delivering a daily takeout service during the pandemic, also now offers help and support in many other areas including benefits and accommodation advice, mental health, addiction and self-care. 

Addressing food poverty remains one of their core aims, and between July and September of this year, the charity had 677 different individuals attending the service, served 7,168 hot meals, 1,082 individual food parcels and 330 individual food parcels. 

Helen Holloway, Admin/Finance Officer at the Good Shepherd, said:  "We were hugely grateful to be asked to link up with Wolves Foundation for the first Molineux sleepout last year, and the funds raised had a really positive impact on our services. 

"As well as the funds, the whole experience of spending a night sleeping outdoors in the cold of November was a real eye-opener for everyone involved, including staff and volunteers from the Good Shepherd who took part. 

"Most of us are fortunate that we don't have to do that on a regular basis, and have enough food and support to live day-to-day, but sadly there are still many people in our community who are struggling. 

"The Covid-19 pandemic has seen an increase in demand for our food services, while staff are also involved in carrying out interventions in many other areas, including help with addiction, finding accommodation and improving mental health. 

"It is such a shame we will not be able to repeat the sleepout experience this year due to regulations - hopefully we will all be back in 2021 - but to be asked by the Foundation to link up for this virtual sleepout is something that we really appreciate and we are looking forward to working with them to raise awareness and funds for our two charities." 

More details around what will happen on the night itself will be revealed over the coming weeks, but to sign up click here – follow our social media @wwfcfoundation for regular updates and don’t forget to use #MolineuxSleepout