S-X Factor winner announced

A Wolves Foundation competition featuring ambassador and top grime artist S-X has found a new deliverer of some fine 'lockdown lyrics' in the form of 12-year-old Logan Pope.


The S-X Factor challenged eight to 18-year-olds who attend the Foundation’s PL Kicks programme to produce their own lyrics to fit some audio composed by been created by

Darren Matthews, a participant at both the Foundation’s Head 4 Health project looking at men’s mental health, and also Friday night football.

Logan’s entry was voted the best of those received, and he will now receive an official 19/20 full squad signed shirt.

“The S-X Factor was a great competition to keep our Kicks participants engaged at a time when we weren’t able to deliver any face-to-face activities and we received some really creative entries,” said Senior Foundation Manager Lee Smith.

“Maybe there are a few S-X’s of the future among them!

“It was nice also that there was an overlap in our projects with Darren getting involved in providing the audio, and we would all like to congratulate Logan on his winning entry.”

Darren also enjoyed his involvement in the competition, an extension of his links with Wolves Foundation which he says have made a ‘positive impact’ on his mental health.

“I had a great time creating the music for the S-X Factor competition and it was an honour to be asked by Wolves Foundation to be involved,” he says.

“It’s not usually the style of music I like to write but I enjoyed the challenge and hope those that took part were able to create something good.

“Music is a huge passion of mine and its always an escape when I sit at the keyboard and start playing. 

“I've been playing for well over 35 years now and writing for almost as long - it's a big part of my life and something I feel like I'm good at. 

“The Foundation have been there a lot for me this past year or so, having been on the Head 4 Health project and also the Wolves in the Park, which has had a positive impact on my mental health.

“The support the Foundation offer is second to none and the staff are always on the end of a phone if needs be. 

“Writing the music for this competition was the least I could do, to give something back to an organisation that has given me so much to rebuild my life and get back to the person I used to be. 

“They deserve all the help and support that they get.”