Check in and chat with Wolves Foundation

As Mental Health Awareness Week continues, Wolves Foundation are reflecting on the act kindness and how we help each other.

Whilst we show acts of kindness in many different forms, it is important to remember that there is no limit or time frame to supporting others and checking in on friends, family or work colleagues. 

It is imperative we acknowledge that everyone has mental health, our mind is a functioning part of the body, just like any other, and it’s vital that we maintain and preserve its health.

Dean, a Head 4 Health participant, said: “When you get the slightest inkling that you may be facing a challenge, accept it, be open about it, talk about it and ask for help.

“The strongest people are the ones that ask for help when they need it. Find a focus, be patient, be strong, keep prospective and you’ll beat it.”

As we adapt to this new way of life, Wolves Foundation are working hard with City of Wolverhampton’s Public Health team to ensure that the Wolverhampton community can reach out and access services.

With Head 4 Health now a renowned project, with men over 18 within the Wolverhampton area, the club’s charity is keen to develop more accessible support for both men and women over 18, creating small groups of five to seven likeminded others in weekly catch up sessions.

“We are offering Check in & Chat sessions to anyone who just wishes to chat to others, especially football fans who may be missing the football-shaped hole in their life at the moment,” health and wellbeing Manager, Rachel Smith said.

The Check in & Chat session will be tailored around football, not specific to Wolves, and will aim to bring football fans together to share stories and highlights from different seasons, and prevent loneliness and isolation.

The weekly sessions will take place via Zoom and will last between one to two hours. To join today, email

If you would like more information about Wolves Foundation or to access some COVID-19 specific resource, click here or follow @wwfcfoundation on Twitter.