Does Exercise Help Brain Power? Wolves Foundation find out

Premier League Primary Stars and BBC Teach recently joined forces to study the positive effect exercise, such as Supermovers, has on brain power of primary school pupils.

Local school, Bantock Primary, were excited to be involved in this experiment, along with Wolves mascots Wolfie and Wendy.

The group was split in two, one active and one non-active, to compare their performance on a range of tests to help establish the impact of exercise.

After travelling the length and breadth of the UK, working with over 1,000 school children, the BBC are proud to reveal 77 per cent of schools saw an improvement in brain speed of up to 19 per cent after activity.

Year 6 teacher, Emma Lewis, spoke of the findings: “As a teacher, the results tell me that we need to do more physical activity before lessons, maybe before we do tests, to get pupils moving and get their brains into gear.

“I was interested in this experiment, we never do much movement before lessons so we need to start incorporating physical activity into our school, whether its five or 10 minutes before lesson in order to get our pupils prepared to learn.”

Year six pupil, Violetta, was part of the active group: “Before exercise I couldn’t concentrate, I kept looking out of the window, but when I did the physical activity it helped me because my mind was focusing on the work.”

For more information, please visit the BBC Supermovers website: