PL Primary Stars Help Hannah

How Wolves and Premier League programme has helped one girl go from disruptive pupil to school prefect.

Hannah found life at Lanesfield Primary School in Wolverhampton a struggle.

"I didn't like the school because people had been mean to me and it made me misbehave," the Year 6 girl says.

"My behaviour was affecting my school work because I was back-chatting to the teachers, making silly noises and distracting people and then I would get sent out."

As well as affecting other people in the classroom, her behaviour was having a negative impact on her studies.

"She didn't achieve what we all knew she was capable of," says Hannah's teacher Claire Nokes.

That's where Wolverhampton Wanderers Foundation and the Premier League Primary Stars programme stepped in.

Hannah started attending PL Primary Stars intervention lessons with Trust coach Scott Langford.

"We focus on their needs – whether it be arguing out in the playground or not listening in class – and we give them the tools that they can go and use to make sure that they get a quality life at school," Scott says.

Behaviour change

Given the skills and encouragement to collaborate and co-operate with other children in the playground, Hannah's playtime is a much more positive experience.

And as she is no longer getting worried and upset by life in the playground, Hannah's academic work is seeing the benefit.

"The change in Hannah's behaviour has been massive," Claire says. "We've seen a really different little girl.

"She's really matured because she developed these skills through the work with Wolves and the levels that she's achieving for her English and her maths have gone through the roof."

Hannah's development has led to her taking roles of responsibility and becoming a role model within the school.

She is a prefect and takes time out to help younger pupils with their reading and behaviour.

"I feel really proud because I've helped other people and it gave me an achievement along the way," she says.

Lanesfield Primary is one of 15,000 schools across England and Wales that are involved in the PL Primary Stars programme, which uses football to inspire young people to learn and keep active.