Away From the Action | Craig Dawson

Defender Craig Dawson discusses life away from Molineux and Compton Park, exploring how he keeps relaxed and some of his favourite activities.

What do you like to do away from football?

It’s all family time. It’s all about the kids, school, school activities and a busy social calendar for the kids. My life outside of football just revolves around them.

Do you watch football outside of Wolves?

I’ve got a football-mad little boy, so he’s always watching football. It’s always on in my house and he wants to be outside playing all the time. He’s just started playing for a kids’ team, so he’s always kicking a ball around in the house.

Are there any other sports you like to play?

In days gone by I used to play cricket in the summer, but I obviously don’t do that anymore, so now it’s just a little bit of golf when it’s warm.

Is there one sport or activity you wish you could try?

Skiing and those kind of winter sports would be good to have a go at once I’ve retired – but I’ve got a few years left yet.

Are you quite active during your downtime?

I try to relax, but it’s all family time for me. The kids keep us busy, especially if it’s kicking a ball around or going on walks and bike rides, so it’s quite an active recover, but always with the family.

Where do you like to visit during time off?

My time off all revolves around the kids and what their diaries have got. If I can keep the kids busy and keep them happy then that’s what we’ll do.

Do you spend time with your teammates away from Compton?

Since I’ve been here, we’ve had a couple of team dinners, so that’s always nice to spend a bit of time together. It’s been massively important for everyone to get to spend a bit of time together away from the training ground.

Is there a specific restaurant or café that you like to visit?

Not really, I’m chilled so whatever my family want to do is fine with me. My wife has some family over in Ireland, so we do like to go over and visit them and they take us to a few nice places.

How much have you explored Wolverhampton?

Unfortunately, not much, if I’m honest. As I travel into the city, it’s usually coming straight into the training ground or straight into the stadium and then away you go afterwards, back home to see the family.