Fantasy Football | Nelson Semedo

In the latest edition of Fantasy Football, Wolves full-back Nelson Semedo answers a range of hypothetical questions about the beautiful game.

#1 | If you could have one characteristic of a teammate, what would it be?

Adama’s strength. It would be nice to be that strong – he’s so strong.

#7 | If you could invite one foreign club to join the Premier League, who would you pick?

It would be nice to see Barcelona play in the Premier League.

#8 | If you were arranging the pre-season tour, where would you choose?

I’ll say Portugal, it would be nice. Lisbon.

#14 | If you could be a manager for a day, which team from past would you like to manage?

For me, a classic Benfica team.

#25 | What one manager would you like to play under?

Maybe Pep Guardiola because he’s one of the best in the world.

#31 | If you could choose one former teammate you'd want in team, who would it be?

That is a very easy one – Lionel Messi. It would nice to have him here and I think he could help.

#38 | If you could play at one stadium you’ve not before, which would you choose?

The Maracana in Brazil. Maybe with Portugal one day.

#42 | If you cooked food for the team after training, what would you cook?

I’m not so good at cooking. Maybe some fried eggs and some pasta – that’s easy.

#43 | If you had to nominate one player to manage the team for a game, who would you pick?

Moutinho because he has a lot of experience and has very good relationships with all the players. He’s funny, but serious when he has to be.

#50 | If you could play any other sport professionally, which sport would you choose?

I’m not good at basketball, but I’d enjoy it. I like the culture of the NBA.