Quickfire Questions | Daniel Podence

In the Quickfire Questions hot seat this week is Wolves winger Daniel Podence.

Having spent pre-season recovering from injury, Podence is the latest first-team star to face a selection of random 'would you rather' questions, before giving the first answer that comes into his head.

Would you rather…

Win the Champions League or World Cup?

The Champions League

Wear long sleeve or short sleeves?

Short sleeves

Sit at the front or back of the bus?

At the back

Face a penalty from Messi or Ronaldo?


Play on smaller pitches or with bigger goals?

Small pitches

Score in the first or last minute?

The first

Play at Anfield or Old Trafford?


Have a statue made of you or stand named after you?

A statue

Go to the gym or go swimming?

The gym

Read a football book or watch a football movie?

Watch a movie

Play head tennis or teq-ball?

Head tennis

Win the Ballon d’Or or the World Cup?

Ballon d'Or

Score one goal from half-way line or five goals from one yard out?

Five from one yard

Play in the boiling hot or freezing cold?

The cold