Quickfire Questions | Pedro Neto

In the Quickfire Questions hot seat this week is Wolves winger Pedro Neto.

With his teammates out in Marbella for pre-season training, Neto has stayed behind at Compton Park to continue his recovery from injury, and is the latest first-team star to face a selection of random 'would you rather' questions, before giving the first answer that comes into his head.

Would you rather…

Play in a lunchtime or night-time kick-off?


Sit at front or the back of the bus?

The back

Face a penalty from Messi or Ronaldo?


Play on smaller pitches or have smaller goals?

Smaller pitches

Get rid of handball rule or offside rule?


Take the first or last penalty in a shootout?

The first

Play for Barcelona or Real Madrid?

Real Madrid

Become a manager or pundit?

A manager

Play 30 years in the past or 30 years in the future?

In the past

Be small but quick or tall but slow?

Small but quick

Lose in a semi-final or lose in a final?

A final

Only ever play the first-half or the second-half?

The first-half

Play football but always lose or never play again?

Play but lose

Be the worst player on a great team or best player in a bad team?

Best player in a bad team