Quickfire Questions | Adama Traore

In the Quickfire Questions hot seat this week is Wolves winger Adama Traore.

After being part of the Spain side which fell just short of reaching the Euro 2020 final, Traore is the next first-team star to face a selection of random 'would you rather' questions, before giving the first answer that comes into his head.

Would you rather…

Score a header or volley?

A volley

Kick-off at lunchtime or at night?

At lunchtime

Play with an extra defender or an extra attacker?

An extra defender

Wear long sleeve or short sleeve shirts?

Short sleeves

Sit at the front or the back of the bus?

At the back

Play on small pitches or with bigger goals?

Bigger goals

Score in the first or the last minute?

Last minute

Swap shirts with Messi or Ronaldo?


Play a game without throw-ins or corners?

Without corners

Wear somebody else's boots or shirt?


Have played with Pele or Maradona?


Improve your tackling or shooting?

My shooting

Play with Lampard or Gerrard?


Take the first or last penalty in a shootout?

The last one

Play with an old ball or old boots?

An old ball