Quickfire Questions | Ruben Neves

Ruben Neves, who will be aiming to make his Euro 2020 bow for Portugal against Germany this evening, is the first Wolves star to take part in our Quickfire Questions feature.

The players face 15 randomly selected 'would you rather' questions and have to give the first answer that comes into their heads. First in the hot seat is the Portuguese midfielder.

Would you rather…

Score a header or a volley?


Win the Champions League or the World Cup?

The World Cup

Wear long sleeves or short sleeves?

Short sleeves

Play at Anfield or Old Trafford?


Do extra running or extra gym?

Extra gym

Play head tennis or teqball?

Head tennis

Play with a team full of goalkeepers or strikers?


Score in the first or last minute?

Last minute

Play without throw-ins or corners?


Be friends with the manager or the referee?

The manager

Read a football book or watch a football movie?

Watch a football movie

Play in very hot or very cold weather?

Very cold

Miss an open goal or score an own goal?

Miss an open goal

Win the Ballon d’Or or the World Cup?

The World Cup

Score one goal from 40 yards or five from one yard out?

Five from one yard