Lineker: Everyone at Wolves should be delighted

Footballing stars and BBC pundits, including Gary Lineker and Alan Shearer, have had their say on Wolves’ season so far – both on and off the pitch – at the FA Cup Third Round victory over Liverpool at Molineux.

Former England striker Lineker has commended the organisation and system Nuno Espírito Santo has Wolves playing, while the Match of the Day presenter admits he is surprised at how well the club has adapted to life in the top flight.

On Wolves’ performances this season

“They’ve done terrifically well. Wolves have got a way of playing that’s worked really well for them. They’re very good on the counter attack with some talented individuals.

“They’ve been super organised and had some great performances, especially against big teams. I would imagine everyone associated with Wolves is – and should be – delighted with the way they have played so far this season.”

On adapting to the Premier League

“It’s hard not to be surprised by how well Wolves have adapted to the Premier League because it’s generally quite difficult for teams who come up and they all tend to struggle – it’s very rare that you see teams cruise in mid-table.

“It has to have surprised people a bit. Obviously, they did spend some money, but so did Fulham, and there’s been a stark contrast between the two teams.”

On Nuno’s system

“His system has only been problematic for Wolves when they’ve played teams that perhaps want to play in a similar way, and then it’s a case of ‘who blinks first’.

“But it suits them when teams go at them and they play the big clubs, but all you can do is give them plaudits so far, because it’s worked.

“They’re mid-table, look very comfortable, no pressure whatsoever in terms of relegation, so you can only say that Nuno’s plans – his tactics – have worked.”

On Fosun’s investment into the club

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been to Molineux. The last time was the FA Cup tie when they played Rochdale all those years ago and I had a bit of a nightmare opening - but you can see the changes.

“It’s always been a good place to view football or to play football, and Wolves are one of the old clubs with great traditions and a great history.

“But it’s like all clubs, you do need investment these days to compete, especially at the very highest level, so I’m sure the supporters are very happy with the way money has been invested, because that is also important, and they’ve obviously done a good job.”

On Wolves’ future

“They were heady heights in the 1950s and 60s, so that would be very difficult for the club to replicate.

“But I suppose Leicester showed that the miracle is possible for clubs of this kind of stature, so you never know. But the big six have got massive clout behind them and big followings, so it is difficult for the other clubs.

“There is also a couple of leagues within the Premier League and to be near the top of the second one, that in itself is very laudable.”

On fellow striker Raúl Jiménez

“He’s done really well. I’m sure he would like to add a few more goals to his tally, but he’s got a good all-round game. He can hold it up and puts in a lot of work to bring other people in. He can also be quite creative, so I think as all-round strikers go, he’s done particularly well.

“The one thing you’re judged on as a striker is scoring goals, and if he can keep going the way he is and finishes with double figures, that would not be a bad effort.”

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