Molineux Connects brings fans together on matchday

Supporters who attend Wolves home matchdays by themselves, or who would like to attend Molineux matches but might feel vulnerable as a lone fan, are being invited to join the fan-led Molineux Connects group.

Set up by lifelong Old Gold supporter and Wolves Equality Advisory Group member Patti Jaffe almost 12 months ago, Molineux Connects has been created for Wolves fans who would like a safe space where they can meet up with like-minded supporters before kick-off, to make matchdays more enjoyable for fans who might be on their own.

“I’ve been a Wolves supporter since the 1970s when I first came as a teenager,” Patti said. “Even back then, I quite often went to football matches on my own – not because I didn’t have any friends, but simply because I was passionate about it, and there wasn’t always somebody to go with.

“I’ve always actually felt very comfortable at Molineux. For me, now I don’t live in Wolverhampton anymore, it’s like I’m coming home. But I became very conscious that there were others, particularly female fans, who found it very difficult to strike out on their own and come to football matches. Lots of women told me they would do, but they feel a bit nervous doing it.

“Gradually, I begun to meet up with one or two people, and that’s what started Molineux Connects.”

During the past year, Patti has been building support for the group on the ‘Molineux Connects’ Facebook page, while a dedicated email – – has recently been set up where fans who want to be a part of the group can contact her for more information.

Currently, the Facebook page allows Patti to alert the group to a particular location in the Fan Zone where fans can meet up on matchdays ahead of the game. But she is working with Football Supporters Association for the creation of banners or flags featuring the Molineux Connects logo – which utilises Sir Jack Hayward’s famous thumbs up – so supporters know exactly where they can find other group members.

“My first experiences of going to football were being brought with a friend of mine by her mother,” Patti added. “I think that left quite a big impression on me and it never occurred to me as a single woman that I shouldn’t be going to football matches.

“But since I started this group, I also found out that this is not a gender-specific thing. There are men out there who perhaps used to come with their children or who used to come with a parent, who said it would be really nice to meet up with other people and make matchdays a bit more interesting. 

“There are a lot of hidden voices out there and a lot of people who would love to access the football on a matchday but feel a bit vulnerable – maybe they come on their own, maybe they are a lone supporter, or maybe they used to come with a partner, a parent, a best friend or a sibling who are no longer there, and that makes matchday a little bit more difficult for them.

“We’re there to support anybody – whatever gender they are, whatever other groups they are a part of. Molineux Connects just provides a connective network for everyone.”

For more information about the group, visit Molineux Connects on Facebook or email