One Pack Week | Webinar a huge success

On Tuesday afternoon Wolves hosted its very first Women at Wolves Webinar, as part of its inaugural One Pack Week celebrations.

The webinar, which was hosted by Wolves TV presenter Gemma Frith, highlighted the club’s female employees, and discussed their journeys as well as what it is like to be a woman working in the football industry.

If supporters missed the live webinar, they can register below to be sent a link to re-watch.

Over 70 people were given a fascinating insight into the industry by a superb panel of guests including Academy operations manager Laura Nicholls, HR director Zoe Brough, head of academy medical Pauline Robertson and recruitment administrator Fay Vale.

Throughout the webinar, each guest spoke about their experiences and challenges they have faced in their careers before answering questions from the audience and providing some invaluable tips for trying to make it into the football industry.

Robertson, who has worked in football since 2002, revealed some challenges she has been through in her career and how she managed to bounce back.

She said: “There have been times as a female where it has been more difficult. I definitely feel like I’ve been overlooked in the past for being a female.

“No matter if you are male or female it comes down to how good you are at doing the job. I look back on my whole career and everything made me more determined. It makes you want to do it even more.”

Academy operations manager Nicholls struggled to find a place to play football when she was younger and revealed that she uses this as motivation in her job today.

“Every time I coached a young girl, I was creating an opportunity that I didn’t get and that has spurred me on,” she said.

“I work with players now that have played for England and Wolves for a long time. I didn’t get those opportunities but I’m really proud of the fact that I created them for others.”

The Women at Wolves webinar was part of Wolves’ inaugural One Pack Week which has been created to celebrate and promote the equality, diversity, and inclusion work that the club undertakes across all areas of the business, from Foundation to first team, staff to supporters.

Vale, who has worked at the club for the majority of her career believes that Wolves are moving in the right direction when it comes to gender equality.

She said: “Over the years of working in football, especially at Wolves, there’s a lot more women now. We’ve always been very close as a club and Wolves is a fabulous place to work.”

The event was a huge success and showcased some of the incredible work done by women across the organisation. If you want to re-watch the webinar, a link of the recording has been sent to all that registered for today’s event, or sign up again on the form above.

By Jack Johnson


One Pack Week, the first of its kind at Wolves, has been created to celebrate and promote the equality, diversity and inclusion work undertaken across all areas of the club.

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