Wolves and Houston Wolves join forces

Wolves' football development department have joined forces with Houston Wolves Soccer Club in the latest exciting partnership for the football club.

Houston Wolves Soccer Club were founded with a vision centered on individual player development and provides unparalleled resources tailored to the unique needs of both players and coaches.

At the heart of this partnership lies a shared passion for the beautiful game and a rich history that binds the two clubs together. Derek Williams, a founding Houston Wolves Soccer Club member, traces his allegiance back to the 1970s when he attended his first Old Gold game.

Witnessing Wolves' triumphs in the 1974 and 1980 League Cup finals at Wembley ignited a lifelong dedication to the club. This sentiment has been passed down through generations of the Williams family with his Sons, Stephen, Adam, and now his grandson Grayson.

The partnership between Wolves and Houston Wolves Soccer Club is built on a foundation of mutual support and collaboration. Wolves' experienced coaching staff will provide monthly online coaching lessons to the club's coaches, sharing insights and methodologies honed through years of experience in professional football. Furthermore, Wolves will offer guidance to align the Houston Wolves Soccer Club curriculum with the renowned development framework practiced in the UK, ensuring players receive the highest quality training tailored to their needs.

Wolves' staff will journey to Houston in June this year to conduct intensive coaching sessions for boys and girls at the Wolves Soccer Camp. Simultaneously, Houston Wolves Soccer Club will bring groups of players and parents to experience the rich footballing culture of England.

Participants will have the opportunity to train at Compton Park, tour Molineux, attend a Premier League match, and immerse themselves in the atmosphere of English football.

Joe Hunt, Wolves' international projects manager, said: “We're delighted to partner with Houston Wolves Soccer Club as part of our international football development programme. Our work in North America has gone from strength to strength over the last two years, and it's exciting for Wolves to work in the great state of Texas.

“We, as a club, already have an excellent presence there with our official support club, Houston Wolves, run by Paul Lappage. Adding a football development partner will allow us to work with local football players who will watch the Old Gold weekly. We're really excited to be traveling to Houston in June to meet the staff but, more importantly, work with their wonderful players.

“We'll have a series of football camps to run in association with Houston Wolves Soccer Club, but we'll also be doing some coach education with the staff. We'll show how we deliver sessions in Wolverhampton, the Wolves way. Its exciting times for our international programme – working with Derek, Stephen, Adam, and the Houston Wolves Soccer Club team has been a pleasure so far, and we're excited to get out to Texas.”

Derek Williams, chief executive officer of Houston Wolves, said: “I am thrilled to embark on this remarkable journey alongside Wolves. As someone who has cherished many fond memories of watching Wolves over the years, including the privilege of witnessing Steve Bull's illustrious career in the Old Gold, the club holds a special place in our hearts, and partnering with them fills me with immense excitement.

“With their invaluable resources, expertise, and unwavering passion for the beautiful game, this partnership will elevate our club to new heights. Together, we will create unparalleled opportunities for our players, coaches, and families, inspiring a legacy of excellence that transcends borders and ignites future generations' dreams.”