Hwang supporting the underprivileged in Bucheon

For the fourth year in a row Wolves’ Hee Chan Hwang has been supporting underprivileged people in Bucheon, the area of South Korea where he started his playing career.

The Wolves man has generously donated £31,000 to low-income families in Bucheon in his home nation, taking his total donationed figure to £130,000, since he started giving back in 2020.

Hwang visited the Bucheon Hope Foundation and Bucheon City Hall while on international duty recently, opening his eyes to the struggles of those less fortunate, and together with the Gyeonggi Southern Headquarters of the Korea Land and Housing Corporation, they’re promoting the Relieved Dream Housing project to support households in crisis.

With the aid of Hwang’s donations, temporary housing will be provided free of charge for up to six months to households that are on the verge of eviction due to debt or have suffered from jeonse fraud.

Jeonse fraud, a rising crime in Korea, is where landlords refuse to return large cash deposits to their tenants, leaving them with little to no assets and unable to find a new place to live.

While Hwang was born in Chuncheon, his family relocated to Bucheon, providing the now 27-year-old with a place to grow up and begin playing football, with the Old Gold man returning to attend Bucheon FC 1995 fixtures when possible.

When making the donation, Hwang said to those in attendance: “Thank you so much for the hospitality of many people. Bucheon is the most comfortable place for me because I have been staying since childhood.”

Bucheon mayor, Cho Yong-ik, added: “The love of Bucheon shown by Hee Chan Hwang is the pride and hope of citizens. The donation has become a warm gift like the first snow that came down today.”

Hwang remains in South Korea, as his nation prepare to face China in a World Cup qualifier, before he’ll make his return to Wolverhampton later in the week.