Sasa Kalajdzic: False Start

The devastation of an ACL injury and the long, arduous road to recovery is usually a private and intimate journey for a Premier League footballer, but Wolves striker Sasa Kalajdzic has changed the mould. Injured on his Wolves debut last year, the Austrian invited in the Wolves Studios cameras to provide the most unique of insights through a three-part series, Sasa Kalajdzic: False Start.

Wolves’ internal production house Wolves Studios, who previously created Raul Jimenez: Code Red and The Holy Month, were granted exclusive access to Kalajdzic’s life over the past ten months, from the moment he stepped through the doors at Compton Park to sign for the club, through to the end of his long road to recovery.

Signed on 31st August from VfB Stuttgart, the 26-year-old endured an agonising start in Old Gold, suffering a serious ACL injury on his debut against Southampton just three days later, and every step of his journey through surgery in London, recovery in both Wolverhampton and Vienna and return to the pitch is covered by Wolves Studios’ latest innovative production.

The trailer for Sasa Kalajdzic: False Start is now live across club channels, with episode one, released on Monday 31st July, along with episodes two and three, providing an access all areas view of a Premier League footballer’s return from a season-ending injury.

On the documentary, Kalajdzic said: “I was very emotional in some parts when I watched it back. It can be weird seeing yourself in a bad place, but it also made me proud to see what I’ve come through. I just hope Wolves fans like it and I’m looking forward to seeing the reaction.

“It was fun to film, and I saw the first episode and it’s looking promising. I was surprised because I did similar things for my first injury, but the production this time is very impressive, maybe not Hollywood, but I’m happy with it.

“It wasn’t a tough decision to allow the cameras in. During injuries, you sometimes want peace and quiet, but in maybe ten years when I have kids, I can show them this, which is why I agreed to it. I was already used to cameras everywhere, so it was no problem.”

Episode one summarises a whirlwind first 72 hours as a Wolves player, ending with the devastating injury. Wolves Studios cameras were then invited behind-the-scenes with Kalajdzic and his fiancé Lorena ­­Grabovac to see consultant knee expert Andy Williams, who led the operation, and Wolves supporters now have all the access as the striker went under the knife.

The story continues into episode two, which focuses on the support network around the striker. It provides an insight into the support managers, teammates, family and friends give to a recovering Premier League footballer, with the Wolves Studios cameras heading to Vienna to see Kalajdzic recovering with his brother Daniel Kalajdzic, also a professional footballer with Stuttgarter Kickers.

When the injury occurred, the Austrian was temporarily living in a hotel, which brought natural problems for a 6ft 6in injured footballer, but by episode two, Kalajdzic and his fiancé had found their home in Wolverhampton, and again Wolves Studios had exclusive access to their safe space during his recovery.

Episode one of Sasa Kalajdzic: False Start will be released on Monday 31st July, before episodes two and three follow in the coming weeks, and all will be available to view on Wolves TV and Wolves’ official YouTube channel.