Listen to Wolves Radio's WV1 series

Supporters can now enjoy six WV1 episodes on Wolves Radio, courtesy of presenter and lifelong fan Laurence Scott.

Scott recently visited Wolverhampton for the first time and spent ten days meeting staff, observing the workings behind a Premier League football club, sharing his own expertise and embedding himself in the club he loves.

That trip has been documented through a series of WV1 episodes, six of which are available to listen below on Wolves Radio, as different members of staff behind the scenes at Molineux share their stories.

A lifelong Wolves supporter in America, Scott helps bring Wolves Radio alive with his presenting, and has helped developed the station into a successful outlet in its opening year.

Once in Wolverhampton, he attended Molineux clashes with Watford and Leeds United, and travelled to the victory over Everton, gaining an insight into the mechanisms behind a matchday and  experiencing the passion supporters have for the club in person.

Between games, Scott spoke to a wide range of Molineux staff, including general managers Russell Jones and Vinny Clark, while he also hears from the Fan Services, Foundation and media team across the series.

To catch each of Scott’s WV1 episodes, and enjoy all Wolves Radio has to offer, download the Wolves App here.

WV1 – The Arrival (Russell Jones and Neil Pennington)

WV1 – Sharing the Stories (Gemma Frith and Jack Thomas)

WV1 – Tour of History (Pat Quirke)

WV1 – The Foundation (Will Clowes)

WV1 – For the Fans (Vinny Clark, David Wood and David Thomson)

WV1 - The Media Team (Yannie Makarounas and Josh Power)