Listen to Adam Ruehmer's story on Wolves Radio

Just last month Adam Ruehmer, one of Wolves’ newest supporters from the United States, saw his dreams become reality when he attended a Molineux match for the very first time, and Wolves Radio are now sharing his story.  

Adam’s visit has attracted media attention from across the globe in recent weeks, as he travelled from California to experience Molineux with his very own eyes for Wolves’ Premier League draw with Burnley.

Adam and his wife were made to feel welcome by the pack during their trip to Wolverhampton, which also included a special night at the Wolves Records event LOUDER – an event particularly relevant given his job in music marketing and fan engagement.

On the show, Adam said: “It was the people. I loved every single person I met, whether I was at the pub, or the hotel lobby, people heard our accents, and it was great conversation starter, seeing them excited that I was visiting.

“I’m from a small town in the mid-west and Wolverhampton reminded me of it. It’s a community. It felt like I was home, if we were looking for something to do, you could just ask somebody, and they would help us out. I loved Wolverhampton and was really sad to leave.”

Such was the success of his trip, Wolves Radio’s Laurence Scott has been in touch with Adam to create a special episode, sharing his story, which can be found below.

Adam’s affiliation to the old gold began during the Covid-19 pandemic, when his friends were discussing their Premier League allegiances and he realised he had none.

Up stepped Wolves. He was attracted by the club’s challenger status, the iconic badge, the colour of the shirt and, of course, the array of talented and well-known footballers in the first-team.

Adam said: “Molineux in my head seemed a magical place, and I fell in love with the players, so I went online and saw people Tweeting about it, and started following other Wolves fans, and it became a community and a major part of my life that I thought about all the time.”

From the second he watched Wolves beat West Ham United on TV from his Californian home, he was hooked, so when the opportunity to visit Wolverhampton arose, it was a dream come true.

His whole story, which involves working with Linkin Park, the trip to Molineux and welcome he received from Wolves supporters is all covered in the Wolves Radio Show.

To hear Adam’s full story, listen to the Wolves Radio show above. To access the full Wolves Radio library, head to the Wolves App.