Wolves offer ads discount to local businesses

Wolves are offering big discounts through the ads.wolves.co.uk platform to help local businesses get back on their feet as the region begins to open up again.

Any business based in the West Midlands will qualify for their first £25 of advertising free*. All they need to do is fill out the form below and a code will be sent to them shortly to claim via ads.wolves.co.uk.

Using the ads.wolves.co.uk self-serve platform, businesses can upload advertising banners to sit on the wolves.co.uk and Wolves App homepages and news articles, reaching an audience in the millions.

Click here to begin creating your ads today.

The ads platform allows businesses to set a timeframe and budget that suits them, spending as much or as little as they like, with advertising rates comparable to other online ad networks and platforms. We’ve also recently added the option to target ads by location, ensuring businesses only pay to reach the supporters relevant to their offering.

Ads are reviewed to ensure they comply with the club’s advertising policy, and once approved immediately begin displaying with full reporting and analysis tools to ensure success.

Click here to begin creating your ads today.

*Minimum £50 spend.